Upwork freelance calculator

My Upwork Fee Calculator is a handy tool for you freelancers (especially those in mobile development) to figure out their actual earnings after Upwork’s fees. It’s perfect for estimating your real income from new projects or from clients.

So bookmark this tab to help you keep track of your earnings!

All you have to do is input your proposed earnings, and my calculator will tell you how much you’ll take home after Upwork’s cut. This is perfect for predicting jobs on the go or calculating what’s about to hit your bank account.

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Upwork Fee Calculator

Upwork Fee Calculator

Total Amount after Upwork Fee:


What are the Upwork Freelance Fees in 2024?

As of May 3, 2023, Upwork has made things simpler for freelancers and small agencies by setting a flat 10% fee on all new contracts.

No more sliding scale fees based on how much you've billed a client, everyone now pays the same rate upfront!

Just keep in mind that there could be extra costs like VAT or taxes in some countries, and if you're withdrawing money to a bank outside the U.S., there might be fees for that too. So it all could add up and be noted in your calculations.

Remember, while my Upwork calculator helps estimate your take-home pay, you'll need to talk to a tax pro for the real breakdown.

Do I have to pay upfront fees?

Yes, anytime you create new contracts through Upwork's Marketplace and Project Catalog you will be charged fees up to $4.95 as an "initiation fee". Remember to deduct those from your earnings.

Upwork claims this fee helps cover its upfront costs like customer service and maintenance, but I think it's to cover more costs for running the marketplace in general.

When Do I Pay a Freelancer Service Fee?

You only pay this fee anytime you complete a job/contract order for your client. Your fees are never collected before the start of anything, only when the job is finished.

Getting Started with Upwork as a Freelancer.

Don't know where to start? I suggest checking out my article on Fivver vs Upwork! My article will help guide you between what is pros and cons for both and which one best fits your business needs.