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When was the last time you heard of online secondhand fashion? Like going to Goodwill but through your phone?

Yup, there’s an app for that too!

ThredUp is your digital haven, especially if you are a thrift enthusiast like myself. I make a commitment to visit at least one thrift store each week, and if I’m in a time crunch, I will do so on my phone 🙂

I had my doubts about ThreadUp but my review will give you an honest answer if it’s worth your time. Especially if you are looking for men’s clothing.

You can even sell your clothes and make some money. How cool is that?

I’m all about making money on your phone, so I had to review this app and give you the hot take!

So is it Legit or Bust?

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My Honest ThredUP Review

My biggest hurdle with this app is that there are no Men’s clothing sections where I can sell my own clothes. Now that’s a big downside for me, I had to resort to helping my wife build up her own portfolio and try and sell her clothes. Less passive than I would want, but the app has no options for men at the moment. Did I mention that I also have to split the commissions with her?!

Now that’s a big downside for me but the app still has its benefits. They have an extensive selection of brands and departments you can search. So if you’re in the market to get your girlfriend, wife, or significant other something nice but half the cost, definitely give it a try.

I helped my wife pick out some clothes and the experience was quite nice, and the items were delivered promptly, as described. Lulus dresses for $25-$30 bucks is a steal in this economy! (according to my wife).

This is a great app and website for women who are looking to start an online business from the comfort of their own home. It’s also a great way to clean the closet and make some room for some new clothes.

I’m all about entrepreneurship, so I would definitely recommend this one for anyone starting out their business journey.

Pros and Cons

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ThredUP Advantages:

  1. Manages shipping and returns on your behalf
  2. Offers professional photography for your items
  3. Provides a free clean-out service
  4. Sells your items for you

ThredUP Disadvantages:

  1. No guarantee of acceptance of your items
  2. Uncertain profit margins (some brands are not eligible)
  3. No Men’s Clothing

Don’t forget to get the iOS app here and Android App here!

What is ThredUp?

ThredUP is an Online Thriftstore. It combines two things we love: the thrill of thrifting and the convenience of e-commerce. You can find a vast selection of over 35,000 brands at any given moment from luxury designer labels to everyday name-brand items.

The Birth and Growth of ThredUp

Founded in 2009 by James Reinhart and Chris Homer as a men’s shirt swap service, ThredUp has grown exponentially since its launch. It shifted gears into selling second-hand women’s clothes in 2010 due to demand and hasn’t looked back since although it would be nice to see that men’s shirt swap come back!

With fast fashion now under scrutiny because it harms our planet, companies like ThedUp promote reuse and recycling as alternatives to sweatshop labor, unfriendly economic material, and so on. They’re now a major player in online resale, giving new life to preloved items while helping us all do our bit for our planet.

The Shopping Experience on ThredUp

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I outlined below a bit of how the online shopping experience works. It’s all from thrifting brand clothing or searching for the right designer brands. Navigating the platform is a simple and easy way of buying clothes.

Navigating the Platform

Browsing for items on ThredUp is super easy. With over 35,000 brands and millions of items to choose from, ThredUp offers a vast selection of styles and labels. Who says shopping online should be hard?

I’m talking everything from Gap to Gucci, even high-end designer pieces make their way onto this platform. This is not your regular consignment store!

You can filter by size, brand, price, and even color. There are also categories like ‘premium’ or ‘designer’, making finding that special piece all the easier. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better each item comes complete with detailed descriptions and photos so you know exactly what you’re getting before adding to your cart. This is online thrift shopping on another level.

Buying brand clothes on the low for yourself, your wife, or as a gift is just so rewarding when it’s nice and heavily discounted!

The Checkout Process

The process is smooth sailing here too. Once your virtual shopping cart is full (or overflowing in my wife’s case), the ‘checkout’ button takes care of business smoothly while keeping things transparent every step of the way.

ThredUP accepts multiple payment methods which makes things convenient no matter where in the world one might reside – credit cards? Check. PayPal? Double check.

Shipping is a breeze as well. If you’re in the United States, you can get free shipping along with 35% off with code WELCOME.

Shipping and Delivery

ThredUp’s shipping policies aim to balance affordability with convenience. Let me break down how this affects you.

Shipping Costs and Times

Looks like they no longer offer free shipping on orders over $79. Instead, they have a few shipping options outlined below:

  1. Bundled Shipping: Enjoy a refundable flat rate of $8.99. Your items will be shipped together in a single box. After your seven-day bundle time window expires, your order will be processed and shipped, with delivery typically in 3-8 business days. USPS may handle the delivery.
  2. Standard Shipping: For a flat rate of $10.99, your items will also ship in a single box. Once shipped, you can expect delivery within 3-8 business days, with potential USPS delivery.
  3. Expedited Shipping: If you’re looking for faster delivery, opt for expedited shipping at a flat rate of $25.99. This option is available for orders with items from the same warehouse. Your items will be shipped in one box and delivered in just 2-3 business days, often via USPS.
  4. Separate Shipping: For orders with items from multiple warehouses, we offer separate shipping at a flat rate of $15.99. Expect your items to arrive in 3-6 business days, shipped in two or more boxes. USPS may handle the delivery.

Or you can get 35% off and free shipping today!

After clicking ‘checkout’, you may be curious to know how long it will take for your pre-loved clothing package to reach your doorstep. Typically, ThredUp takes around 3-8 business days to process and ship an order.

This timeframe includes everything from quality checking each item in your order right up until when it lands on their delivery truck heading out into the wide world or rather towards your local post office.

Key Takeaway: 

ThredUp’s online shopping experience is like hitting a thrift store without leaving your couch. Its user-friendly platform offers over 35,000 brands and millions of items, all easy to navigate with detailed descriptions and photos. The checkout process is smooth with multiple payment options and affordable shipping rates. Your order typically arrives within 4 – 9 business days.

Selling on ThredUp

selling on thredup

This is my favorite part. Selling clothes for some type of passive income is huge in my book. Any platform that encourages making money is worth taking a look!

Take a peak inside your wardrobe or ASK your significant other if it’s worth getting rid of the old to make some extra cash. If so, then selling your gently used clothes on ThredUp might be the answer to decluttering all while earning some cash.

Here’s how to get started.

Ordering a Clean Out Bag Kit

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To start, you’ll need to order a Clean Out Bag Kit from ThredUp.

This process is simple. Just head over to their website and click ‘Clean out’. The kit will arrive in your mailbox within a few business days.

The bag is capacious enough to hold a plethora of items, making it the perfect stylish accessory for sellers.

Now comes the fun part: deciding what stays and what goes.

Packing and Sending Your Clothes

Packing up your clothes isn’t just about shoving everything into the bag, there’s actually an art (and science) behind it.

Make sure each item is clean, functional, stylishly relevant, or vintage chic before placing them neatly inside the bag. Folded shirts stack well while dresses do best rolled – kind of like packing suitcases for vacation but without all those pesky TSA restrictions.

Once packed up tight, seal off its top using built-in ties given alongside the return label stuck onto any visible side outside, no additional postage is needed just pay $2.99 for the bag.

ThredUp makes it easy to send your clothes back. It’s as simple as dropping off the bag at any USPS or FedEx office.

Getting Paid for Your Clothes

Once your Clean Out Bag is in the hands of ThredUp, they take over. They’ll sort through each item and list them for sale on their website. This is where it gets thrilling – you start earning cash from things that no longer bring joy to your life.

So it’s not like eBay where you need to take pictures of every item, list them, and complete an hour of work for each item. It’s super simple and the value you get from selling secondhand clothes is worth it.

How Much Can You Make?

It really depends on how much work you can put into this and how many clothes you have that can amount to some serious cash. To sell clothes and clearance prices can be tough. Regardless, any name-brand clothing you have can be worth quite a bit for the next person. Here is a rough breakdown of the commission structure:

  • Selling Price $5.00 to $19.99: You’ll receive a payout ranging from 3% to 15% of the selling price.
  • Selling Price $20.00 to $49.99: Your payout falls in the range of 15% to 30% of the selling price.
  • Selling Price $50.00 to $99.99: Your payout is between 30% and 60% of the selling price.
  • Selling Price $100.00 to $199.99: You’ll receive a payout in the range of 60% to 80% of the selling price.
  • Selling Price $200 or more: Your payout is a fixed 80% of the selling price.

So, the higher the selling price of your item, the larger your percentage payout.

Key Takeaway: 

Time to clean out your closet? ThredUp could be the solution. Order a Clean Out Bag Kit, fill it with your stylishly relevant or vintage chic clothes, and send it back free of charge. Once ThredUp receives and lists your items for sale on their website, you start making cash from clutter.

FAQs on Thredup

What is the average payout for ThredUP?

The typical ThredUp seller can expect to pocket around 5-15% of the listing price, but it varies depending on the item’s brand and condition.

What is the difference between Poshmark and ThredUP?

Poshmark lets you sell your clothes directly while ThredUp handles everything. Poshmark might net more profit, but ThredUp saves time and hassle.

What’s the deal with ThredUP?

ThredUp gives a new life to gently used clothing by selling it online at affordable prices. It’s eco-friendly shopping meets thrift store pricing.

Is there an alternative to ThredUP?

Sure. Platforms like Depop, Mercari, or Poshmark offer similar services where you can buy or sell pre-loved items.


My experience with ThredUp has been mixed. The absence of a men’s clothing section for selling items was a downside, requiring some creative solutions. However, ThredUp excels in providing an extensive range of brands and categories, making it ideal for finding affordable, quality items. It’s a valuable platform for those looking to start an online business from home or declutter their closet while making extra cash.

ThredUp combines the thrill of thrifting with the convenience of e-commerce and has grown from its early days as a men’s shirt swap service. Navigating the platform is user-friendly, with filtering options and detailed descriptions. The checkout process is smooth, and selling on ThredUp is a straightforward way to earn money from gently used clothes.

ThredUp offers an eco-friendly and convenient way to shop for secondhand fashion and earn from your unwanted items.

While it has its drawbacks, it can be a rewarding experience with the right approach.

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