Offerwall or offerwall ads, are an amazing tool in the realm of in app monetization! 

Offerwall rewards have been instrumental in shaping the landscape of mobile games and in-game ads.. and you probably never heard of them! They are also a great way to make money through your phone!

I started my mobile advertising journey being a publishing manager for game/website developers who monetized their users through offerwalls, and let me tell you.. it generated some serious additive revenue. Some offerwall rewards generated $30,000 a day!

This detailed blog post aims to dive how they work and how this tool can be strategically implemented for maximum revenue potential.

We’ll explore how offerwalls work and their role in generating money through non-paying users. The impact on user engagement rates and average revenue per daily active user (ARPDAU) will also be examined.. but don’t be scared.. it’s super simple to understand! 

Further down, I’ll discuss strategic implementation. This includes niche compatibility with offerwalls, the potential risks involved, best practices, hybrid models over single format strategies and unique opportunities you might not have heard of. 

Lastly, the importance of customer service handled by offerwall providers will also not go unnoticed as it considerably reduces the burden on developers. I’ll share a quick list of providers that can help you generate you some incredible offerwall revenue as well! 

So let’s get started 😉 

Understanding the Concept of Offerwalls

An offerwall is like a game show for ads, where users earn rewards for completing tasks. 

How does an offerwall work?

An offerwall is all about giving users multiple offer options. Users have the option to earn rewards by downloading apps, watching videos, subscribing or making in-app purchases. It’s like a buffet of tasks. Imagine going into the Uber app, and for a free ride you can download a few games in return for a ride.. that’s basically the concept! 

The role of offerwalls in app monetization

Offerwalls are not just about making money for advertisers. They also help app publishers generate added revenue and keep users engaged. It’s a money-making machine for everyone. Offerwall providers who mediate this exchange take in a margin and also generate an absurd amount of money. 

If you’re aiming to get your app’s revenue up and keep users satisfied, then offerwalls are the answer!

Impact on Engagement Rate and ARPDAU

This is a game-changer in mobile advertising. It has the potential to boost your app’s engagement rate and Average Revenue Per Daily Active User (ARPDAU). I know super long acronym.. but how? By making money from non-paying users and keeping them hooked for longer with a cool new user experience. 

Influence on user engagement

This is a powerful tool for boosting user engagement as well. It rewards users for completing specific actions within the app, like watching a video ad or installing another app. It’s not just random tasks, they’re carefully designed activities that align with your target audience’s interests. They’ll come back repeatedly for additional rewards. The better the rewards the more time they will spend inside your app, driving engagement and creating a premium experience. 

Effect on average revenue per daily active user

Offerwalls have a positive impact on ARPDAU. Non-paying users make up a big chunk of your app’s audience but contribute little to your added revenue. So how do we solve this?

Simple..Offerwalls solve this problem by creating monetization opportunities without ruining the gaming experience. Just make sure to set fair exchange rate between real money and virtual goods.

For example, if one offer pays out 100 of your coins, make sure those coins are redeemable in your app for cool stuff like skins, subscriptions, ect. I made a little graphic below to keep it more simple:

A well-executed offerwall strategy ensures fair in-game rewards for both advertisers and players. Advertisers get their desired KPIs (key performing indicators) met, and players feel rewarded enough to keep engaging with ads. This balance leads to high customer satisfaction and ultimately higher ARPDAUs over time. 

Strategic Implementation of Offerwalls

The effectiveness of offerwall ads depends not only on the quality and relevance of the offers but also on strategic implementation. Timing, placement and segmentation can greatly enhance user experience and ultimatly purchase rates.

Timing your offerwall promotions

Strategically time your offerwall promotions to coincide with peak traffic times. Some providers even offer promotional bonuses during their peak times for added revenue! This could mean aligning promos with popular events in your game or mobile app or simply when most users are active. Short sale timeframes create a sense of urgency that encourages users to complete offers quickly for added in-game currency. 

Swagbucks does this all too well! They are one of the masters of timing promotions, check them out and mirror how they center their promotions around certain events and holidays! 

Importance of segmenting players

In addition to timing, it’s crucial to segment players based on various factors such as age, buying behavior, and geographic location. This allows you to tailor your offers more effectively. For instance, non-paying users might be enticed by in-game rewards, whereas those who regularly make in-app purchases may appreciate exclusive discounts on hard currency or other virtual goods. Most providers will help you segment your audience, so not everyone get’s the same premium experience.

Let’s drill this down really quick:

  • User’s choice: Giving players options increases the likelihood they’ll find something appealing enough to engage with, whether it’s completing surveys for extra lives in a puzzle game or watching videos for bonus points. Can you imagine an app that pays you in tacos for just downloading games?!
  • In-App Purchase (IAP) Rates: Understanding how often your audience makes IAPs will help determine what kind of incentives will motivate them most.
  • Purchase Behavior: Analyzing past purchase patterns helps predict future behavior and allows you to customize offers accordingly.

This approach ensures that each player receives additional information tailored to their preferences, leading to higher interaction rates and driving additive revenue growth.

Genre Compatibility with Offerwalls

How do I reward and monetize users more effectively? Center your experience around a certain niche or genre. Users fit into all kinds of games or apps, from casual to simulation. Take COIN for example, a popular geomining app that monetizes its users through offerwalls to boost revenue.

Suitability for Different Genres

Offerwalls are versatile. They work in free-to-play or freemium models, as well as puzzle, strategy, or RPG games. Just know your audience and tailor the offers accordingly. In-game ads should not be intrusive but NATIVE to the experience. Don’t you hate ad pop ups found in programmatic advertising

Potential Risks Involved

Offerwalls have advantages, but watch out for risks too. One risk is users getting distracted by other game ads on the offerwall. So, choose ads wisely – some competitors will not want their ads being display!

Also, be transparent about rewards. Don’t leave users feeling duped. And remember, multiple offerwalls can be overwhelming. Keep it balanced to avoid a negative player experience. Players who do not get rewarded will blow your support channels up.. trust me I know from first hand experience.

To mitigate risks, create a rewarding system that keeps players interested without bombarding them with ads or constant prompts to make in-app purchases.

Fraud is also a huge risk around offerwalls. When I managed my publishers, I battled this daily. Fraudulent users or even fraudulent publishers tried to take advantage of faking attribution. Be sure when selecting a provider, you get a solid account manager who can help you fight fraud and locate it before it becomes a major issue. 

Best Practices for Maximizing Benefits from Offerwalls

To get the most offerwall revenue, follow these industry best practices. They’ll make users happy and boost your monetization strategy to new heights! 

Making Your Offerwall Appealing

Step one: make your offerwall irresistible. Use eye-catching graphics and persuasive copywriting to entice players. Need inspiration? Check out these top cool offerwall setups by TapJoy and AdGem:

Tracking Performance Regularly

Always keep tabs on your offerwall’s performance. Monitor metrics like engagement rate to spot areas for improvement. Ad network reports are also very helpful, reach out to your account manager who is able to show you everything from purchase rates to eCPM (effective cost per mille) of your users. 

Reviewing Offers Periodically

Don’t let your offers get stale. Remain current on the continuously shifting mobile ad landscape and adapt your tactics to suit. You never know what the newest hot mobile games might be! Don’t be afraid to harras your account manager on any new and upcoming advertisers who are looking to push new offers.

Different Payouts According To Desired Outcomes

Try using multiple offerwalls with different payouts based on your goals. Whether it’s driving installs or boosting player retention, these strategies can lead to engaging experiences and higher eCPM values.

By following these best practices, you’ll unlock the full potential of offerwalls while providing value to users. Just remember, success requires careful planning and continuous optimization based on data-driven insights.

Hybrid Models: The Cool Kids of Mobile Advertising

Stay ahead of the curve in mobile advertising with hybrid models that combine different ad formats. Publishers who use both rewarded video ads and offerwalls earn a whopping 114% more than those relying solely on the latter. Talk about a power move. 

The Power of Hybrid Models

Hybrid models give developers a range of monetization options, catering to different user preferences and behaviors. It’s like having a buffet of moneymaking goodness. Some offers can even be separate outside the offerwall experience. Be sure to reach out to your provider if they are able to do this. 

Balance is Key

A successful hybrid model balances In-App Purchases (IAPs) and ads without ruining the user experience. It’s like a high-stakes balancing act, with the potential for big rewards.

Diversify or Die

In the fast-paced world of mobile advertising, diversification is the name of the game. By mixing ad formats and offering IAPs, publishers increase their chances of long-term success. It’s like having multiple streams of income, but without the stress. Well at least better than running an e-commerce store! 

Let’s quickly recap on the formats!

Ad Formats 101

  • Rewarded Videos: Short clips users watch for rewards. It’s like getting paid to watch TV, but on your phone.
  • IAPs: Buy digital goodies directly in the app. It’s like having a virtual shopping spree, minus the long lines.
  • Offerwalls: Complete tasks for rewards. It’s like doing chores, but with a prize at the end.

Look below for a full experience of all these in action! 

Unique Opportunities Provided

In the ever-evolving world of mobile advertising, offerwalls still have their charm. Sure, they may not be the coolest kids on the block, but they offer unique chances to monetize non-spenders and help your users be more engaged. 

Offerwalls are kind of like chameleons, adapting to different users’ preferences. They cater to those who spend on in-app purchases and those who prefer earning rewards through engagement. 

Offerwalls have been the secret sauce for boosting user engagement on several apps in the marketplace. They reward users for completing specific actions, like watching video ads or downloading other apps. It’s like a game within a game, really.

  • Monetizing Non-Spenders: Offerwalls let you make money from users who don’t spend a dime. They offer various rewards, like virtual hard currency, for completing offers. It’s like turning non-spenders into spenders without them even realizing it.
  • Daily Objectives Completion Systems: Games with daily tasks or missions can benefit from offerwalls. They provide extra incentives, like virtual in-game currency, for players who complete these tasks. It’s like giving players a gold star for being awesome.

The key is knowing your audience and offering them irresistible deals. Monitoring performance data can help to adjust upcoming campaigns and maximize returns making your app an absolute power house.

Potential Challenges & Solutions

Implementing offerwalls can have its challenges, like cannibalizing existing IAP revenues or negatively impacting user experience. But fear not. With careful planning, strategic implementation, and ongoing monitoring, you can overcome these hurdles and reap the benefits of this versatile ad format.

Key Takeaway: 

Offerwalls may not be a popular monetization tool, but they still offer a unique opportunity for mobile advertising. They allow you to monetize non-spenders and incentivize users to complete daily objectives.
Despite potential challenges like cannibalizing existing revenues or impacting user experience, with careful planning and monitoring, you can overcome these hurdles and reap the benefits of this versatile ad format.

Improving Chances for Successful Conversions

In the world of mobile advertising, having options is like having the secret sauce at the BBQ pot luck. Games that let players choose between different offers are winning the battle. It adds a touch of excitement and personalization, making conversions more likely to happen.

Take IMVU, for example. This action packed metaverse and social network game knows how to play the field. By giving players the freedom to pick from various offers, they feel more involved and are more likely to engage with the offerwall. Smart move, IMVU!

Mistplay is also in on the action. Known for their discovery app, they’ve mastered the art of choice in numerous offers using TapJoy as their multi-reward vendor. The result? 15% return on ad spend lift in Tier 1 and Tier 2 Geos! Resulting in more engaged users and additive revenue from successful conversions. Well done, Mistplay! 

By offering users the power of choice, we can see some cool effects: 

  • The Power of User’s Choice: Giving users options increases engagement. Let them choose what suits them best – rewards or challenges.
  • Dynamics in Action: When users actively select offers, they’re more likely to complete actions and boost conversion rates.
  • The Success Duo: Combining In-App Purchases (IAPs) with In-App Advertising (IAAs) is a winning combo. It brings in more revenue and keeps players happy.

To successfully implement these strategies, you need to know your audience. Relevant choices that appeal to users are key. And remember, the choices should not only be varied but also valuable. If the rewards aren’t tempting enough, all efforts could go down the drain. 

Timing is everything. Offers should be timed around peak traffic periods to maximize exposure and increase the chances of achieving desired outcomes. It’s essential to be in the perfect spot at precisely the correct moment.

Key Takeaway: 

Having options and choices in mobile advertising, such as offering different rewards or challenges to monetize users, can greatly increase engagement and the likelihood of successful conversions. Timing is also crucial, with offers being strategically timed during peak traffic periods for maximum exposure and desired outcomes. Click to tweet

Majority of Providers Handle Customer Service Themselves, Reducing Burden on Developers

This allows creators to concentrate on constructing remarkable user experiences, without having to deal with potential customer service issues.

When you use an offerwall in your app, transaction-related problems are usually handled automatically. This smooth process saves you from headaches and keeps everything running like a well-oiled machine. Vendors handle everything from disputes to transaction claims, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

That’s one of the reasons why offerwalls have become so popular among publishers. They help monetize non-paying users and boost user engagement, all without adding extra work for developers.

The Vendor’s Role in Customer Support

Vendors play a crucial role in providing support services for offerwalls. They handle queries, fix technical glitches, and ensure smooth transactions. This keeps users happy and coming back for more. They also help you get paid, trouble shoot fraud issues, attribution and so on.

Let Vendors Handle Disputes and Claims

By letting vendors take care of dispute resolution and claim management, developers can focus on improving their products and expanding into new markets. 

Enjoy Smoother Operations with Platforms

Vendor platforms offer seamless management of billing, payment tracking, and more. This leads to improved efficiency and smoother operations overall. Here is a look inside AdGate’s dashboard: 

My Top 5 Offerwall Picks 

1. TapJoy

tapjoy logo

The highest rated offerwall (now owned by Unity). Overall great experience and more targeted toward established gaming developers. Integrate here.

2. AdGate 

adgate logo

Great for finding offer registrations, sign ups, surveys and more that are outside of the traditional gaming experience. This is owned by Prodege, the same parent company as Swagbucks! Integrate here.

3. RevU

revu logo

Great for personal websites and new developed games looking to earn up $1,000 in CPMs! Integrate here.

4. AdGem


Great developer support and high CPMS! Integrate here.

5. OfferToro

offer toro logo

Thousands of rewarded offers and easy integration! Integrate here.

FAQs in Relation to Offerwall

How does Offerwall work?

An Offerwall displays a list of tasks users can complete in exchange for rewards within an app.

How do Offerwalls make money?

Offerwalls generate revenue by charging advertisers for promoting their products or services to app users.

What is the offerwall offer?

The offerwall offer refers to tasks like surveys, video views, or game trials that users complete for rewards.


Understanding offerwalls is crucial for app developers and advertisers looking to monetize their apps. They can significantly impact user engagement and average revenue per daily active user, so it’s important to strategically implement them by timing promotions and segmenting players.

Different genres have varying suitability for offerwalls. With potential risks involved, by following best practices and considering hybrid models over single format strategies, you can maximize the benefits offered by offerwalls!

Offerwalls provide unique opportunities for users to make choices and dynamic interactions, improving chances of successful conversions. Plus, the majority of vendors handle potential customer service issues themselves, reducing the burden on developers considerably.

So what are you waiting for? It’s easy to get started with providers like OfferToro

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