Live Chat Apps and Mobile Gaming

In the mobile gaming world, doesn’t support requests often feel all over the place? Players reach out across various platforms like Facebook and Discord, but it’s tough for developers to keep up and respond to inquiries. 

Traditional support tickets can be slow and impersonal, leaving gamers frustrated when they need help with missing rewards or just reporting a bug. 

What if there was a simpler solution? 

Imagine chatting directly with users right where they hang out online, whether it’s on Discord or SnapChat. That’s why testing different chat apps is so important for mobile app users. 

This type of platform brings gamers and developers together for real-time conversations, bypassing the hassle of tickets and long response times. With its user-friendly interface and integrated chat system, live chat apps are changing the game on how we communicate with mobile users. 

Facing these challenges, you might question: What exactly are live chat apps, and how could they transform the mobile gaming world?

What is a Live Chat App? 

Live chat apps are pretty straightforward and have a ton of benefits. You definitely seen and used them! 

Chat app popup screen

They pop up as chat bubbles on the right-hand side of your favorite website. They can be really useful or sometimes just painful, leading us to the pros and cons of having them on your main website. 

Live chat apps are needed, especially if you’re a developer focused on the mobile gaming market. Being able to quickly and effectively communicate with your users can help build trust and credibility, which is important when you’re a newer developer up against well-known names in the app store.

They’re valuable tools, and there are good reasons to incorporate them. Scroll down below to discover why!

5 Reasons Live Chat Apps Improve Mobile Gaming

Below are our top 5 reasons they are improving and changing the mobile gaming world: 

1. Real Time Comunnication 

Your users are scattered across various messaging platforms, and it’s important to engage with them where they prefer to be reached, rather than expecting them to come to you. 

When a user gets in touch with you through Discord, it speaks volumes compared to navigating an outdated ticketing system that takes weeks to hear back. 

More mobile gaming companies embracing real-time communication signifies a shift towards prioritizing users, which can lead to building better companies overall. 

a chat image between user and developer

Why does this matter? 

Consider how the power and leverage of receiving instant feedback from multiple channels can be for you. This way, you’re in tune with your users’ thoughts and needs across their preferred platforms and not just yours. 

If you don’t pay attention to your users’ problems or take too long to answer their questions, you will definitely get bad reviews. And you know how important reviews can be! 

Having a good reputation is important if you want your app to do well. If you take care of your users’ issues, it can make your app better and even help the whole gaming world get better too.

2.Community Involvment with Live Chat Apps

Making a community and talking with people is important to your mobile app’s success. 

Making a fun game or rewards app like KashKick might seem easy (unless you’re first starting out), but the real power is building a strong community, that’s where the money is. 

You know that engaging and connecting with your players is important. Don’t just stick to old ways like ticket systems for answering questions it feels outdated and frustrating. Your users want to hear from you now.

Players want to avoid jumping through hoops to get help. They’d rather talk to someone right away and on their favorite messaging apps. Using a chat app like Tidio, can make your game really stand out. 

3. Personalized Assistance 

Multichannel connection of a chat app

Reaching out to users where they like to hang out, like on Facebook Messenger or Discord, is a special way to connect and foster engagement. 

It makes your mobile app support stand out! 

It’s more direct, easier to keep an eye on, and focuses on the user instead of you. The best part is you can keep all these messages centralized in one area, so you never lose track of who you’re talking to.

The users also won’t forget about you, so why not make things more special for them? Talking to them on their favorite platforms is a great way to spread the word about your app and grow it with positive feedback.

Another great thing is having analytical data that shows you where your users like to hang out. This way, you can jump right into those messaging platforms and start chatting with them from there.

4. Increased Player Retention

You know keeping players, especially the ones who pay, is important. These players are some of the most valuable to your app, so why not treat them like the VIPs they are? 

Talking to them directly is a great way to make them stay and not switch to another game. It makes them feel listened to and excited to interact with their favorite game makers. 

Generating revenue and growing is what helps your game stand out on the app store. 

Find out where they like to spend time and set up a way to chat with them there, not just on your website, you will see massive success.

A great example of increasing player retention is from users who use an app called Mistplay, a rewarded gaming app. Mistplay states that to keep users engaged and reduce dropout during the onboarding process, it’s effective to send personalized messages across different channels, like email and SMS, that highlight aspects of the game they’re playing. 

retention graph over time

Since they’re already on their phones, using SMS and push notifications can really catch their attention, and you can use deep links to guide them straight to particular parts of the game they might find interesting.

5. Reducing Friction

Let’s talk about why chat ticketing systems can be a pain and how outdated they are.

Imagine your players find a bug and their rewards aren’t showing up in their account. Big mobile games often make users deal with a slow ticketing system that can take days to solve anything.

This is a sure way to lose app users and start racking up bad reviews on the app store, which means you might lose new and loyal users too. But, if you have a simple live chat app that lets them report their problem right away, it makes things a lot smoother and keeps the support strong without leaving the user out in the cold. 

Ditch the old ticketing system and say hello to the modern way of talking to your users.

Bonus: Enhanced Social Gaming

Your players are probably using several chat platforms while they play their games.

Being directly connected to them is a great way to jump in and be part of the action, like live tournaments, special rewards, or even leveraging AI inside chatbots. It’s an awesome way to mix in and stand in their shoes, making you seem more like one of them instead of just another developer. 

This is how you relate to your users!

With everyone trying to keep their players and the competition being so tough, having a live chat app is a great way to stand out. 

Imagine running your own tournament in your game and having a direct way to talk to players. And the coolest part is that the conversation keeps going. Even after events, your players can still reach out to you directly through the same messaging app, which really makes you stand out as a developer. 

Having such a direct way to connect is a big plus, but it also comes with things you might want to consider before adding it to your game.

Cons of Live Chat Apps for Mobile Gaming

Having a centralized platform to communicate with your users across all their favorite channels they’re on sounds great, but there are definitely some downsides to consider. Here are some you should consider before integrating one within your website. 


If you’re thinking of using live chat apps for customer support, having a team ready to handle it is a big undertaking. 

Many companies are turning to AI to cut costs on hiring, but this can make the support feel less personal and leave some problems unresolved. Having people available around the clock requires a lot of resources, which could slow down your growth and cost more than you think. 

Switching your communication to new channels brings in a lot of benefits, like more feedback and better support. Sometimes, people overlook this, but it’s the reason for the success of big companies like Amazon

Never underestimate the power of customer feedback and support, it could be the deciding factor in whether your app succeeds or fails.


Relying too much on users using a chat app can lead to problems. 

Having an open line through their favorite messaging app might get overwhelming if users keep reaching out for small talk or minor issues. Important issues might get lost in the shuffle, and sometimes, a detailed email can explain a situation better than a quick chat message. 

With this in mind, it’s important to set clear rules on what issues should be discussed through chat and which ones require a different method of communication. Make sure to guide your users accordingly, directing them to email for serious concerns. 

For problems that can be resolved quickly, be there to listen and assist them right away.

email from a user complaining about a bug

My Final Thoughts on Live Chat Apps 

In my opinion, chatting directly with your users through their favorite channels is the most personal way to communicate. Whether it’s for feedback or just a chat, your users are vital to your mobile game and vital for your monetization strategies.

The gaming industry has had its highs and lows, but support for mobile gaming is improving. 

There are many tools available to streamline this process but remember, they cost money and require resources to develop. It’s important to keep providing top-notch support, never letting the quality drop, as exceptional service will make your mobile game stand out and rise in the app store charts. 

Live chat apps are a great way to connect with your users. One of my favorites is Zoho, which I highly recommend, you’ll come to love it too!

FAQ About Live Chat Apps

Which is the best online chatting app?

The best chat app depends on what you need it for. WeChat is awesome for people in different countries who want to talk to each other. Discord is perfect for gamers who want to chat while playing. If you make mobile games, Discord is probably where your players hang out.

Which company has the best Live Chat?

Many companies have awesome live chat options. Starting with Zoho is a good idea for anyone wanting to make their customer service better

What is the difference between chatbot and a live chat app?

Chatbots are computer programs designed to act like humans when they chat. They help answer questions automatically. Live chat apps, let you talk to your customers in real time on different messaging platforms.

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