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Are you looking to earn some extra cash this year? Don’t know where to start?

I got you covered and it’s something I recently reviewed. It’s called “Kashkick” a rewarded-based app and website that lets you earn a few dollars in your bank account.

While it’s a great app for earning, I’m a bit unimpressed with the earning potential as the iOS app is mostly just time-consuming surveys but there are some tricks and secrets on how to cash out on bigger payouts.

Sounds interesting right? Check out my full review below, maybe it will convince you to sign up and earn some cash!

Want to skip ahead? Check out my final thoughts here.

Disclaimer: Some of the links in this article are affiliate links, which means I do receive compensation if you purchase or register through them. This is a non-biased review for your entertainment and knowledge.

Should You Try It?

Yes, give it a shot if you are looking for a new way to earn some side cash.

It’s great for discovering new apps, games, and offers but not worth your time for doing surveys.

If you have a bunch of free time on your hands, it can be pretty lucrative, since it’s a long-term investment.

But if you are looking to make some quick cash and bounce, sorry to tell you don’t bother downloading or signing up.

My Kashkick Rating

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

User Ratings: 3.1 on Apple & 4.1 on Android

Legit? Yes, verified company and payouts.

Company Info: Registered in DE. Incorporated on 6/8/2017 under Besitos Corporation, LLC. File Number: 6438605.

Visit them here: www.kashkick.com

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What is Kashkick?

Kashkick is a reward-based platform that helps you earn cash by completing surveys, downloading games, or completing offers. They have numerous ways to earn money, some tougher than others but overall it’s a good platform to explore new offers and games while getting paid for it.

Top Benefits of Kashkick

Here are my top 5 benefits of why you should check out Kashkick.

1. Easy to Use

I tested Kashkick on my iPhone then jumped over to my Mac and had no issues running on both platforms. I prefer the online version for how simple and easy the UI is. The online version has more offers to choose from, so I recommend starting there.

The trick is to have the iOS apps sent to your phone, so you can get larger rewards.

2. Fun Way to Discover New Apps and Offers

Tired of browsing the app store? This a great way to get incentivized to test some new apps or find some offers that work for you. There are a ton of different options, all that fit into something you may be interested in.

3. Low Payouts

Unlike other apps (Testerup) there is a relatively low payout threshold of $10. Some offers pay out over $100 and you could qualify within a few days. Of course, it takes time, so take into account how much time you are willing to invest.

4. Cash Payouts

No gimmicks, no points, or gift cards here. You get paid out in cash!

Kashkick Pros and Cons

Although the app has its benefits, there are a few items I would like to point out that really should be fixed to make this a top-tier app.

Kashkick Pros

  • Discovery: The best part is the amount of offers available via the web and Android. You can find pretty much anything to start earning.
  • Easy to use: It’s a pretty straightforward app with a greater UI experience. You won’t find bugs or glitches as in most rewarded apps.
  • Offerwall options: Kashkick offers games, surveys, and offers via their offerwall system as well, for additional earning potential.

Kashkick Cons

  • iOS Limited: Not much to do on iPhone other than surveys.
  • Inactive Account: They encourage you to interact constantly or you will lose everything within 60 days.
  • Location: US only.
  • Limited Cashout Options: Paypal only.
  • Customer support: It can take days to get an answer to your ticket.

Kashkick has some major limitations, especially if you are only on an iPhone. Its slower customer support, inactive account policy, US-only access, and more have definitely made me consider a few alternatives you might want to check out instead.

Kashkick Alternatives

Below I have listed a few alternatives to Kashkick that work really well on iOS and Android devices.

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a similar platform but has loads of other options for your Android and iOS devices. If you visit their website, you will see hundreds of offers ranging from games to retail. They also offer a $10 bonus for signing up!

swagbucks bonus offer for new users

2. InboxDollars

Another great way to earn is through InboxDollars. It has amazing reviews on iPhone (4.5) and (4.2) on Android. Players constantly give great feedback on how easy it is to redeem offers and get paid out. They also offer $5 for signing up!

Look at that, just by signing up from these two platforms you could earn $15!

5 dollar bonus offer image from inboxdollars

My Kashkick Personal Experience: High Investment Low Rewards

Below I highlighted some notable experiences using the Kashkick iOS app and website for you to consider:

My Experience Using Kashkick

I downloaded Kashkick with high hopes but was quite disappointed since I only saw surveys visible on my iPhone. While I can crank these out all day, it’s not the best way to use my time to make cash.

I was hoping to make at least $10 within my first day, but I was pretty discouraged right away.

The website however has access to a ton of offers, games, and, other ways to make some money. You cannot filter or track progress easily which is a bit of a disappointment.

My first survey offer I tried, I got disqualified right away but the good thing was it didn’t take too much time. I tried another survey within 6 minutes and got credited. See below:

image of failed survey on kashkick
image of passed survey on kashkick

Some users complain that they constantly get disqualified, my recommendation is to be patient and fill out the surveys honestly, that way you can get credited more often.

If you are looking for the juicer level payouts, you can download their game offers and take a month or two playing and level up in these games.

Just be mindful that it will take some time. At the end of the day, it’s a great app, but there are other platforms out there that do the same, but offer much more.

My Actual Earnings on Kashkick

I didn’t use Kashkick for long, but earning just under $2 for signing up and completing two surveys gives me some confidence in how good this app could be. If it’s anything like testerup, I think it has a good chance of actually delivering what it promises.

lukeleben kashkick earnings

My biggest upset is that you can’t make any money on your iPhone directly. To earn enough to payout, you would have to be doing surveys for a week straight.

Below I outlined Kashkick vs its competitors and how it might impact your decision to try them out.

Platform ComparisonKashKickSwagbucksInboxDollars
Bonus OfferNone$10$5
Referral Offer25%10%$1 per 5. 30% more on your friends’ earnings
Cashout Min$10$3$15
Payment OptionsPaypal onlyPaypal, gift cards, Amazon, and morePaypal, gift cards, and more
Average Earnings per hour*$1 per hour$2-$5 an hour$0.75 an hour
*Table earnings are from personal experience using all platforms.

Kashkick Referrals.

Most referral partners offer some time of monetary reward amount but Kashkick only gives you 25% more for every friend you refer.

Refer a Friend on Kashkick image

I don’t know about you but that’s pretty low, compared to using apps like Rakuten which gives you $30 for every friend you refer.

Conclusion: Should You Try Kashkick?

Yes, you should try it out if you are looking for a fun way to earn some money on the side. Again, it’s not some get-rich-quick scheme but a way to legitimately make a few dollars on the side. Can it add up? Sure but it takes a ton of time and commitment.

The trick is to do multiple surveys, try referrals, constantly check offers and you can make something out of it work.

Kashkick has been around for years, meaning they are doing something right. Try them out, you never know maybe you will be lucky and earn some real cash!

Some of the reviews speak for themselves!

kashkick review
kashkick review 2

Interested? You can get Kashkick below!

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FAQ on Kashkick:

Is Kashkick Worth It?

KashKick offers a great way to earn extra cash through simple online tasks like surveys and watching videos, especially if you are looking to monetize your spare time. However, the earning potential is modest and best suited for supplemental income rather than a significant revenue source.

How can KashKick help me make money?

KashKick can help you make money by providing a platform where you can earn rewards for completing various online tasks by performing micro-jobs like taking surveys or downloading apps, making it a flexible option if you are looking to earn extra cash in your spare time.

Is Kashkick legit?

KashKick is a legitimate platform that offers you the opportunity to earn money through various tasks like surveys or offers. It’s a legitimate registered company and has been paying out its users for years.

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