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Now Testerup has been getting a lot of buzz lately and I needed to check it out since they claim you can earn some money online playing games or testing apps. If you know anything about me, I love making money online – especially if I can play games on my couch.. so count me in! 4.1 Stars on the iOS app store piqued my interest and I downloaded it so that I can give you an honest opinion!

So how does it stack up against most?

Well not bad, check out my Testerup review below:

My Expert Rating

Legit app but has its concerns.

High thresholds, limited offers, and a long time to complete offers.

Top Pros/Cons


  • Great way to find new apps and discover games you might enjoy.


  • Extremely time-consuming. Reaching the $70 payout threshold seems impossible.

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Is Testerup Legit?

Yes, this app is legit and it’s even a verified company headquartered in Germany. Being a relatively new app (released in 2022), it has over 300k active users on iOS and nearly 200k on Android according to Data.ai. Making Testerup legit by proving users are engaged and earning money playing games!

data.ai testerup stats

The app also has some glowing reviews:

testerup reviews ios

Although it has its pros and cons, it’s still recommended in my book if you want to discover new games and make some cash on the side.

What is Testerup?

Testerup is a user-testing platform where you test apps and get rewarded for it.

Being in the mobile monetization world, Testerup reminds me of an offerwall but a little more guided and supportive toward your earning journey. Offerwalls give you rewards for completing certain tasks and at certain levels, Testerup does the same but they offer cash instead.

How Does Testerup Work?

In simple terms, users earn money on Testerup by playing mobile games, completing premium offers, and testing apps. If you’re an avid gamer or app enthusiast looking for some additional income, then TesterUp work could be your alley.

It highlights several gaming titles such as Match Masters available for testing. Testerup even promotes how much you can earn. In this case, Match Masters offers $132 in cash if you can complete all levels in 60 days.

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Solitaire Cash Screenshot 2

You can also take on assignments that necessitate experimenting with fresh apps from the App Store or Google Play. As a bonus feature, there are exclusive premium offers that promise higher rewards.

How Much Money Can I Earn With Testerup?

The earning opportunities are plentiful, however, they’re not without strings attached. Certain tasks require in-app purchases, connecting your Facebook account, or spending hours beyond hours playing games.

Payout Threshold on Testerup

In the world of online money-making platforms, payout thresholds are often used as a mechanism to retain users for longer periods. When the payout limits become too high, it can discourage people from staying within the app.

This is particularly relevant in Testerup’s case where the minimum withdrawal amount tends towards the higher side ($70 to be precise). You might find yourself investing time and effort into tasks only to discover that you’re far from reaching your first payment.

testerup payout threshold

Earning Opportunities vs Payout Thresholds

To understand why this could be an issue, let’s consider how long one needs to spend on Testerup. For instance, if you’re playing mobile games or testing apps regularly but still struggling to reach the payment threshold after several weeks your “return-on-time” investment starts looking pretty bad.

Premium testers may have exclusive offers that yield higher rewards, however, even then there’s no guarantee of meeting that elusive payout goal faster. It ultimately boils down to whether you think your time spent is justified by the potential payout.

Contrast this with platforms like Survey Junkie or Swagbucks, which have lower minimum cash thresholds, and it becomes apparent why some users might look for Testerup alternatives.

Testerup Best Features

One Testerup standout feature is the user-friendly interface, making the sign-up process seamless and navigation a breeze even for a web-based app. Its design ensures a hassle-free experience, allowing you to swiftly engage with various features and tasks.

What sets this app apart is its substantial earning potential. You have the opportunity to accumulate up to $1500 by actively participating and completing diverse tasks within the platform. T

You can also explore new games, partake in exciting challenges, and engage in diverse tasks, thereby adding an element of discovery to the platform. It effectively marries earning potential with entertainment value, creating a uniquely engaging environment.

Potential Risks of Using Testerup

Now there are always potential risks when it comes to earning money through these apps. I wanted to highlight a few you should be aware of before downloading this user-testing platform.

Account Blocking Issues

A big red flag with Testerup comes from users’ reviews about account blocking issues. Users have expressed frustration over their accounts being blocked for cheating without any clear reason or warning before they could reach the minimum cash-out threshold. This sudden termination often leaves users questioning the legitimacy and transparency of this testing platform.

bad user review

This issue becomes more worrying as it’s been noted by several premium testers on social media. The lack of a solid explanation or assistance from customer service further amplifies these concerns, leaving users feeling stranded after investing considerable time into completing tasks and offers.

Potential Privacy Concerns

In addition to account blocking issues, privacy can be another area where you need to tread carefully while dealing with Testerup. To start using its services for making money through playing games or testing apps, one needs to provide personal details such as email address and Facebook account credentials.

Though providing an email address might seem common now for accessing various platforms, sharing your Facebook login details raises questions about data security measures implemented by the company behind Testerup – especially since there aren’t any specific guidelines provided around how this information will be protected against misuse within their frequently asked questions section.

Also, take a look at all the data they collect from you. This can be discouraging if you fully value where your data is being sent to and how it’s being used.

Lack Of Transparency In Earning Opportunities

A final point worth noting pertains to ambiguities surrounding actual earning opportunities available on Testerup’s app. Some offers require members to spend money on premium offers or in-app purchases, but it’s not always clear how much one can earn from these tasks.

Such ambiguities can lead to misconceptions about potential earnings and ultimately result in users investing more time and resources than they initially planned. The absence of a straightforward communication channel with Testerup’s customer service for addressing such queries compounds this issue further.

For example, I was playing Match Masters and had no idea how to complete “Arena 01”. Eventually, I figured it out, but it was vague on how to do this exactly.

How Can Testerup Afford to Payout Users?

It’s a really simple business model. Testerup works with several companies to promote their apps, and in turn, they get a commission or CPA payout from every app you test.

They may get paid $200 from Match Masters for example, and you are incentivized with $132 to get to level 23. Once you reach that level, you make $132 and Testerup makes $68! They are the middleman between you and the advertiser!

At the end of the day, the advertiser is looking to convert you into a paying user. Eventually, you will play a game you like, download it, and maybe make a few in-app purchases down the road.

It’s a clever way to acquire new users while also making money on the backend.

Although it may seem a little deceptive at first, you also benefit by finding new apps that are entertaining.

Testerup Pros and Cons

I outlined some Pros and Cons you can quickly take a look at. See if this app is worth your time.

Testerup Pros

  • Earning Potential: It’s surprising how much you can earn here. Completing tasks or challenges can actually bring in a decent income.
  • Combat Boredom: It’s a great way to stay engaged when you’ve got nothing else going on. Instead of idle time, you can invest it here and feel productive.
  • Discovery: You’ll stumble upon interesting new apps – products, services, you name it. It’s quite an exploration experience.
  • No Obligation: You are not obligated to complete the levels within certain apps. This is nice if you don’t want to be stressed out to meet a certain deadline.

Testerup Cons

  • Web App Format: It’s a mobile web app, which means it might not be as polished as a downloaded app. Functionality might not be top-notch.
  • Access Challenges: To access some of the best features, there’s a bit of a hurdle. Think of it as needing a membership for the full experience.
  • Limited Tasks: There are tasks, but it’s not an endless supply (at least in my case). Sometimes you might find options limited.
  • Challenging Deadlines: The app often sets deadlines for tasks or challenges that can be quite demanding, especially if you’ve got a busy schedule. For a regular, busy adult juggling multiple responsibilities, meeting these deadlines can feel nearly impossible.
  • Time-Consuming Tasks: Some tasks can be time-intensive, so you’ve got to be ready to invest a significant chunk of time in them.
  • Persistent Feedback and Interruptions: One more thing to watch out for – the app can get pretty insistent on asking for feedback. It tends to pop up with questions or requests just when you’re getting into something, almost interrupting your flow. It can be quite bothersome and might pull you out of the experience at times.

Testerup Alternatives

If you’re feeling a bit iffy about Testerup, don’t worry. There are plenty of other ways to earn money by testing games and completing offers. Some popular alternatives include Survey Junkie, a well-known platform where users can make extra cash by answering surveys or even playing mobile games.

Survey Junkie

One of the best Testerup alternatives out there is Survey Junkie. Known as an online community with millions of members committed to making their voices heard, they reward members with points (which can be redeemed via PayPal) when they complete tasks or answer frequently asked questions about certain products/services.

This platform lets its users test apps and websites too, something which mirrors what happens on platforms like Testerup but without any issues related to customer service or high payment thresholds.

Just look at the reviews:

survey junkie reviews


Swagbucks also emerges as a top-tier alternative to Testerup. It has a thriving online platform with a massive user base, Swagbucks provides millions of active members way to earn money by playing games, shopping, and more.

Testerup My Personal Experience

I gave Testerup a shot and here’s the inside scoop: signing up was easy, I got into the app super fast, and dove right into the offers. I picked Match Master for a $132 payout, but here’s the kicker – you’ve got 60 days to hit level 23, which seems nearly impossible unless you’re playing like eight hours a day..

The upside, though, is you’re not obliged to finish every single level, so you can get paid out if you want to stop.

testerup progress bar

One thing that bothered me was the survey asking for feedback after each task, it felt really intrusive. Just let me make some money!

testerup survey

I also spent about 30 minutes playing and only got $0.50, which feels inefficient for the time invested. However, the game itself turned out to be pretty entertaining and competitive. However, finding the “complete arena” task was a bit of a headache. It was not labeled well in the app or on Testerapp, causing some serious confusion.

testerup earnings

Overall, the web app experience was decent. My only concern is reaching that $70 threshold; seems like a bit of a long shot. If you’ve got the time to spare, it might be worth giving it a shot.

Should You Download Testerup?

While Testerup is legitimate the app presents a mixed bag of opportunities and challenges.

With its potential to earn money by testing apps and playing games, the platform demands a significant time investment, often resulting in inadequate returns. High payment thresholds, time-consuming tasks, persistent feedback interruptions, stringent deadlines, and potential privacy risks have raised my concerns and it should be for you as well.

Although it has its concerns, it’s a legit app and I recommend giving it a shot!

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