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I’m all about saving money, making money, and most importantly spending it correctly. The worst is you spending thousands a month on necessities and not earning anything back.

But imagine you walk into your favorite store, pick up your weekly groceries, or that new pair of sneakers, and boom! You’ve earned yourself some rewards. All through the Shopkick app.

This isn’t about spending more to earn points for exclusive benefits. Nope. This is real-deal earning while doing what we all do – shop!

How Does Shopkick Work? Shopkick works by letting users collect ‘kicks’ (points) through simple activities like walking into stores or scanning items on shelves.

There is so much more to discover and so much to earn! Keep that curiosity alive because it’s going to take you places and reward you for it 🙂

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How Does Shopkick Work?

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Shopkick is a free app that rewards you with ‘kicks’ for doing everyday shopping tasks. The process to start earning kicks is simple and user-friendly.

Earning Kicks through Various Activities

To earn kicks, the first step involves simply opening the Shopkick app during your regular shopping trips, that’s it!

You’ll start racking up points just by visiting stores – no purchase necessary.

You can also get more kicks by scanning items in their participating stores. Another way to get more kicks is by scanning items in participating shops. With an easy item scan feature built into the app, it helps turn your weekly grocery run into an exciting adventure.

Shopkick also offers opportunities for kick accumulation digitally. Watching video ads on their platform can net you some additional points as well. So if you’re waiting in line to checkout, jump on the app!

All these methods make earning points not only convenient but also engaging and entertaining. So whether you’re out on your usual errands or cozying up at home watching videos, every activity brings you one step closer to those free gift cards.

Understanding Shopkick: A Comprehensive Guide

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The Shopkick app works like a charm and is highly reputable. This innovative rewards program is more than just an app, it’s your personal shopping assistant that pays you to shop.

The beauty of Shopkick lies in its simplicity and versatility. As a user of the app, you can get points (or “kicks”) in multiple ways. From simply entering partner stores to utilizing your linked credit card for transactions.

A Rewarding Experience

Rewards apps have been around for some time now but what sets Shopkick apart is its shopper engagement features like the discover tab and scan receipt options. Every dollar spent earns kicks worth various amounts depending on select products purchased.

This not only makes your shopping fun but gives it purpose because those hard-earned kicks convert into free gifts.

This means gift cards from popular retailers or even PayPal cash if that’s what you want!

Your Shopping Companion

Understanding how Shopkick works starts with embracing it as part of our everyday routines, whether online or offline. From earning extra cash during grocery runs to getting rewarded while window-shopping at nearby stores..think of every kick earned as money saved.

Taking Part In Partners’ Offers

I often see deals that entice me to make purchases I might not need. But with Shopkick, you’re in control. You can redeem kicks for a variety of electronic gift cards or opt to donate them to non-profit organizations. How cool is that?

So next time someone asks how Shopkick works, let them know it’s more than just another rewards app!

Key Takeaway: 

Understanding Shopkick: Embrace this innovative rewards app as your personal shopping assistant. Earn points, or ‘kicks’, just by entering stores, making purchases with a linked card, scanning barcodes of items in-store, and taking part in partner offers. Turn these kicks into gift cards from popular retailers or even PayPal cash.

The Benefits of Using Shopkick

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Below I outlined some benefits you can get from Shopkick rewards. Don’t forget to break me off a piece once you get started! 🙂

Gift Card Rewards from Shopkick

Earning kicks is as simple as visiting stores and scanning items. Once you’ve collected enough kicks, they can be exchanged for free gift cards at popular retailers like Amazon or Target.

You’re essentially earning while shopping. But there’s more to this reward system than you may think.

Beyond simply walking into a nearby store or making purchases on select products, users can earn bonus kicks by watching videos via their Discover Tab. The opportunity to earn free gifts doesn’t end here either, one dollar spent using linked credit or debit cards earns even more kicks.

Those seemingly small actions, at the store, add up pretty quickly!

Partnerships and Collaborations of Shopkick

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How does Shopkick manage to give out so many rewards?

Shopkick has developed strong partnerships with renowned retailers nationwide. And not just any partnerships, we’re talking major brand retailers. Most of the popular ones you already heard of!

This includes a household name like TJ Maxx and other participating stores. The deals you find on these products are no random occurrence but rather the fruit of strong business relationships between Shopkick and their partner brands.

The Impact of Major Brand Retailers on User Rewards

Why do these alliances matter to us as users?

It’s simple: more brands mean more opportunities to earn kicks. These product deals from partnered retailers make your shopping trips both fun and rewarding.

If Shopkick only had a few brand retailers and some you never heard of, you’d probably never use the app.

The best part is that these collaborations aren’t limited to physical retail outlets alone. Many e-commerce giants have jumped onto the bandwagon too. Cough Target Cough. So whether you prefer hitting up brick-and-mortar shops or lounging at home while filling your virtual cart, there are plenty of ways for you to start earning.

Using Shopkick for Online and In-store Shopping

With the Shopkick app, both online and in-store shopping becomes a game where every purchase or activity can earn you ‘kicks’.

The process is straightforward. Open Shopkick when planning your shopping trip. Look at the “Discover Tab” on the application to see which nearby stores offer kicks for simply walking in or scanning items.

It’s legit that easy.

Earning Kicks Online

You’re not limited to brick-and-mortar experiences either. E-commerce lovers will be happy knowing they can earn free gifts too. The same principle applies: start browsing via the Shopkick app before making purchases from partners’ websites.

Tip here: always use your registered email address during checkout – that’s how Shopkick knows it’s you who shopped online and thus gives credit where due.

Kick-Worthy Actions & Rewards App Features

Besides spending money, there are several other ways of collecting those coveted ‘kicks’. You could watch promotional videos offered within the app, scan barcodes of select products (even if you don’t buy them), submit receipts after purchasing certain items, or even just walk into participating shops – every step gets you closer to that free gift.

Once enough kicks are collected, they can be redeemed for electronic gift cards from a variety of retailers.

Key Takeaway: 

Turn your everyday shopping into a rewarding game with Shopkick. Whether you’re in-store or online, earn ‘kicks’ for activities like walking into stores, scanning items, and making purchases. These kicks can then be redeemed for gift cards at various retailers.

Customizing Reward Options with Shopkick

You’re not stuck in a one-size-fits-all scenario when it comes to your rewards on Shopkick. The app lets you tailor your reward options according to what tickles you like.

Variety of Gift Card Options

The beauty of the Shopkick app lies in its diversity. Whether you’re looking for an electronic gift card or something more tangible, there’s always an option that fits right into your pocket.

Imagine being able to earn freebies from stores like TJ Maxx, Starbucks, or even Amazon just by doing simple tasks.

To start earning kicks and customizing reward options simply download the application from App Store or Google Play store. Then choose between various activities such as scanning barcodes at nearby stores, making purchases online using linked debit or credit cards, and much more.

All these actions lead to accumulating enough points that can later be traded for gift cards depending upon your preference.

Redeeming Kicks: An Easy Peasy Process.

Racking up enough kicks does feel like hitting mini-jackpot but guess what’s even better?

Redeeming them.

Just head over to ‘Kicks Center’ within the app where every kick equals a certain dollar value depending upon the chosen reward type – so no confusing conversion rates. Here is a rough breakdown below:

  • $2 = 500 kicks
  • $5 = 1250 kicks
  • $10 = 2500 kicks
  • $15 = 3750 kicks
  • $25 = 6250 kicks

Once you’ve picked out your reward, the app sends it directly to the email address registered on Shopkick. This way there’s no need for physical cards and the waiting period is eliminated as well.

If you choose an electronic gift card then just show the barcode at checkout or enter the code online during the purchase process.

Shopkick’s Contribution to Nonprofits

One of the many benefits that make Shopkick stand out from other rewards apps is its unique feature allowing users to donate their earned kicks. But it’s not just about earning a free gift card or two for yourself, you can also contribute to a good cause.

Donating Kicks to Notable Nonprofits

If you’re passionate about philanthropy, this feature is the perfect fit for you. Users have the option to convert their kicks into charitable donations. This means while you earn Shopkick points by engaging with shopper-friendly activities like scanning items at nearby stores or making purchases online, you are also creating an opportunity for nonprofits to receive compensation through your actions.

The process is simple and seamless. You select the nonprofit organization from Shopkick’s list of partners offer and choose how many kicks worth of donation you wish to give. For every kick donated, organizations get the monetary help they need.

This helps you be charitable when sometimes it is hard to find time to give.

Getting Started with Shopkick

To start using Shopkick, you first need to download the app from your device’s respective app store. It’s available on both Android and iOS platforms, making it accessible to most smartphone users.

Create an account utilizing a legitimate email address. You can also opt to connect via Facebook for faster registration. After this step, you’re officially part of the Shopkickers community.

The next step is where the fun begins – earning kicks. But how do you earn them? Well, there are several ways:

  • Walk into stores: Yes, simply walking into select partner stores lets you earn kicks. Open Shopkick before entering a nearby store and watch those points pile up.
  • Purchase items: Linked card purchases at partner locations can get more bang for your buck by turning every dollar spent into valuable kicks.
  • Browse offers in-app: The Discover tab within the app displays various offers that give bonus kicks when completed or purchased.

Earning rewards has never been easier thanks to these methods which allow us all to maximize our weekly shopping trips while enjoying some much-deserved treats along the way.

Tips For New Users: How To Maximize Your Kicks

I’m assuming you are a new user if you found this article. I’m all about maximizing your kick-earning potential right out of the gate, so scan items listed under the ‘Scan’ category right away. While inside participating stores, just scan the barcodes of select products to get instant reward points.

I also suggest linking a credit or debit card to your account. This will enable you to earn kicks for every dollar spent at participating stores, increasing your rewards even more.

Remember, the goal here is not just about earning kicks but also making purchases that are worthwhile and useful for you. So always consider what items you need before going on a shopping spree.

FAQs on the Shopkick app

How much are 500 kicks worth on the Shopkick app?

A total of 500 kicks equates to roughly $2 in Shopkick’s reward system. It may not sound like a lot, but the kicks can quickly add up.

Is Shopkick worth it?

If you frequently shop or don’t mind browsing stores, then yes. The app rewards regular shopping activities with free gift cards and discounts making your purchases more cost-effective.

How do you make money on Shopkick?

You earn ‘kicks’ by performing tasks such as scanning barcodes, visiting stores, and buying specific items. These accumulated points can be exchanged for gift cards at popular retailers.

How does Shopkick work?

The Shopkick app lets users earn points called “kicks” in several ways: walking into stores, scanning products’ barcodes or QR codes, making purchases online or offline, watching videos, and more.


You’ve journeyed through the ins and outs of Shopkick. From understanding how it operates to earning kicks in various ways, there’s been a lot to digest.

The benefits are clear – free gift cards, savings on shopping trips, and even the chance to give back by donating your kicks to nonprofits. All while doing what you do best!

It doesn’t stop at just walking into stores or scanning items either, with major brand collaborations enhancing rewards and customizable options for both online and in-store experiences.

Shopping for rewards is the future. Give it a try, I highly recommend it!

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