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Choosing between Fiverr and Upwork for freelance work can be tricky.

This guide will help you compare the two!

I’ll share my insights from using Fiverr for quick tasks like code debugging and logo design, and Upwork for more complex projects like web development.

Who will win in this Fiverr vs Upwork face-off? Let’s explore!

Upwork Review

My personal recommendation for getting better quality clients. It’s all about the long game and steady income, most projects can lead to more work down the road!


  • Helps you determine your own value
  • Can reach multiple clients across countries
  • Perfect to craft your skills
  • Flexible payout options


  • 10% service fee on all billings
  • Tough to compete against others in competitive niches
  • You need to countlessly self-promote and ask for referrals to grow your income.

Fivver Review

I love Fivver and personally recommend it for quick jobs.


  • No Bidding on Jobs
  • Quick Gigs/Jobs
  • Storefront


  • Fixed Prices on Jobs
  • Smaller Gigs
  • 20% Flat Fee on Commissions
  • Bank Transfer Fees
  • Longer Security Window
  • Communication Limited

Fiverr vs Upwork

So what’s the difference between the two? Let’s explore below:

How does Upwork work?

The Upwork platform is where freelancers bid on jobs like it’s a game show. Demonstrate your abilities in composing, structure, programming, and more. Create a killer profile, then hunt for projects to bid on. Once you’re hired, it’s all about the client and you.

upwork front page screenshot

How does Fiverr work?

The Fiverr business model flips the freelance script. No bidding here.

Freelancers create “gigs” with fixed prices for their services. Smaller projects are like shiny trinkets in relevant categories, attracting clients who can’t resist. You set the terms, you set the rates, and you deliver the goods.

Fivver homepage

The big difference?

Upwork is all about the hunt, while Fiverr is a passive gig machine.

Your success depends on delivering top-notch work and building a reputation.

Earning Potential on Fiverr vs Upwork

When it comes to getting paid for freelance work, the platform you pick can have a considerable effect. Let’s take a look at the earning potential on Fiverr and Upwork.

Upwork’s Commission Structure: No Longer Pay Less as You Earn More

As a long-term freelancer, its sad that Upwork work no longer offers an attractive sliding fee structure that rewards loyalty with reduced commissions. The more you earn, the less commission you pay is no longer on the table. Rising talent now has a flat fee rate of 10% which started back on May 3rd, 2023!

upwork fee structure change

Fiverr’s Flat Rate Fees: What You See is What You Get

Fiverr charges a consistent rate of 20% for every task, regardless of the total earnings. It’s like a fixed-price menu but for freelancers.

So, which one is better?

Well, it depends on what you value more. If you like consistency, go for Fiverr. Especially if you like one-time projects.

If you prefer the potential for reduced commissions over time, give Upwork a try. The 10% savings could go a long way, especially with larger gigs.

Payment Withdrawal Methods & Processing Fees

Fiverr and Upwork offer different withdrawal options, below are their withdrawal methods below.

Fiverr Withdrawal Options:

  1. PayPal:
    • Minimum Withdrawal: $1
    • Fees: None for withdrawal, but currency conversion fees may apply
    • Withdrawal Time: Usually within 1 business day
  2. Bank Transfer (Powered by Payoneer):
    • Minimum Withdrawal: $20 for non-US users, $10 for US users
    • Fees: Variable, plus currency conversion fees if applicable
    • Withdrawal Time: 1-3 business days for local currency, 5-7 business days for USD outside the US
  3. Direct Deposit (US Only):
    • Minimum Withdrawal: $10
    • Fees: $1 per withdrawal
    • Withdrawal Time: Not specified
  4. Fiverr Revenue Card (Powered by Payoneer):
    • Minimum Withdrawal: $30
    • Fees: $1 for 2-day withdrawal, $3 for 2-hour withdrawal
    • Withdrawal Time: Up to 7 business days
    • Note: Not available in Russia and India, and no new cards are being issued as of 2024

Upwork Withdrawal Options:

  1. Direct to Local Bank:
    • Fees and minimum withdrawal amounts vary by country.
  2. Wire Transfer:
    • Minimum Withdrawal: Typically $100
    • Fees: $30 per transfer
  3. PayPal:
    • Fees and minimum withdrawal amounts vary by country.
  4. Payoneer:
    • Fees and minimum withdrawal amounts vary by country.

Client Communication Styles Across Platforms

Graphic of talking bubbles

Communication is key in freelancing. Let’s take a closer look at how client communication styles differ on Fiverr vs Upwork.

Freelancer-client relationship building potential on Upwork

Upwork has an open dialogue between freelancers and clients from the get-go. The platform allows you to communicate freely before, during, and after project completion via its built-in messaging system. This creates transparency in discussions regarding project expectations, revisions needed, or payment terms.

By allowing Skype calls or email exchanges outside of the platform itself, there is room for more personalized interaction which can lead to long-term working relationships. This is a great way to build a book of business and find work outside of these platforms.

Limitations in communication with clients on Fiverr

Fiverr adopts a different approach when it comes to communication. All conversations must occur within the platform until an order has been placed by your future clients.

These restrictions are monitored by Fiverr for security purposes but may limit your rapport-building opportunities for clients.

Even after an order has been placed, off-platform contact remains prohibited unless deemed necessary for completing the gig.

See below an example of me communicating via Fivver with a few clients.

screenshot of messages on Fivver

The Importance of Reviews & Ratings

Both platforms have one thing in common – good performance leads to positive reviews, which means more visibility and more work opportunities for you.

See all those stars? That’s what you need to compete against, once you go live on Fivver.

reviews on fivver

Getting Started: Tips & Tricks

  • Create an appealing profile: Highlight your skills effectively to show clients what you bring to the table.
  • Pricing strategy: Start with competitive pricing until you build up your reputation.
  • Samples/portfolio: Showcase previous freelance work samples to impress potential clients.
  • Persistent Effort: Keep applying/bidding regularly until you land your first few smaller projects.

Starting as a freelancer can be super tough, but with consistent effort and smart strategies, both platforms offer growth opportunities.

Preferred Choice

Multiple choice graphic

Both platforms have their unique features and benefits, but which one is more suited for you?

Ease of Getting Hired Consistently

When it comes to trying to find work consistently, many newbies prefer Upwork.

The platform operates on a bidding system where you can submit proposals for jobs posted by clients. This allows you to pitch clients directly and highlight your skills effectively.

Fiverr, with its gig-based model, may require some time before you start receiving consistent orders as building up reviews is crucial here.

The Verdict: Which Platform Is Preferred?

Fiverr vs Upwork often boils down to personal preferences and career goals.

If you’re looking at starting quickly without much hassle about profile approvals or want flexibility in setting your prices right from the get-go, then Fiverr could be your option.

If long-term stability, better client communication channels & secure payment structures matter more than speed, then UpWork would make sense.

Remember there’s no one-size-fits-all answer here – what works best will depend largely upon individual circumstances & professional aspirations.

My Personal Experience

I am super keen on long-term business planning and success so I would have to recommend starting with Upwork.

It’s a great way to develop your skills, get your name out there, and build a portfolio designed for growth. Nothing is worse than a few side gigs that are not stable. Sure Fivver is great for a few one-off projects but does it support your long-term goals?

At the end of the day, it’s about what you feel fits best. Try both out and see what sticks!

FAQs about Fiverr and Upwork

Which is better Fiverr and Upwork?

The choice between Fiverr vs Upwork depends on your specific needs. For quick, one-off tasks, Fiverr may be more suitable. For larger projects requiring skilled professionals, Upwork might be a better fit.

Do you make more money on Fiverr or Upwork?

Earning potential varies greatly based on the type of work done and individual skill level but generally speaking, Upwork generally yields higher earnings than Fiverr’s project-based payment structure. If making money on both platforms is your thing, both are great for one-time projects or even a great way to make money directly on your phone. 

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