Best Apps to Sell Clothes Online

When it’s time to give your style a reboot and clear out those overflowing closets, don’t overlook the option of selling used clothing online. It’s a great way to earn passive income, all the upfront work is typically done by cleaning out your closet and posting online.

It’s a breeze to send your pre-loved clothes, shoes, and accessories to online consignment stores or resale sites, turning that clutter into cash.

Consigning and reselling aren’t just great for your wallet, they’re fantastic ways to earn some extra income on the side.

Now I am a huge advocate of making money through your phone, and all of my recommendations below are established mobile online players like ThredUp and Poshmark.

Of course, you can use the standard platforms like Facebook marketplace or eBay, but there are better ways to earn.

The best apps for selling clothes can transform your closet clean-out into some serious spending money. Some people have even mastered the art of buying and selling pre-loved and vintage items online, turning it into a legitimate side hustle.

Ready to turn your closet clean-out into cash?

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What are the Best Apps to Sell Clothes Online?

I’ve rounded up the top apps for selling clothes below, and after playing around with all their apps, I’ve rated them for ease of use. So let’s check them out below:

1. Poshmark

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I’ve been using Poshmark for quite some time now, and it’s truly lived up to its reputation as one of the best places to sell clothes online. This clothing resale app has been around for a while, and it has established itself as a go-to destination for online commerce, especially in the realm of fashion.

What sets Poshmark apart is its massive user base, with millions of users actively engaged in buying and selling on the platform. This huge community not only provides a diverse marketplace but also ensures that your items have the potential to reach a wide audience.

I love their user-friendly interface that makes setting up your online business quick and easy. Whether you’re a seasoned online seller or just dipping your toes into the world of e-commerce, I recommend giving Poshmark a chance.

Key Benefits:

  1. Thriving Community: One of the coolest things about Poshmark is the vibrant and engaged community. It’s basically a fashion-forward social network where you can connect with other sellers and buyers who share your style. It adds a personal touch to the whole buying and selling experience.
  2. User-Friendly Platform: The app is super easy to use, even if you’re not technical at all. Listing items is straightforward, and the intuitive interface helps you manage your closet and transactions effortlessly.
  3. Massive Exposure: With millions of users on Poshmark, your items have the potential to reach a huge audience. The more eyes on your listings, the better chance you have of making sales.
  4. Secure Transactions: Poshmark acts as a trustworthy middleman. When someone buys your item, the payment is secured until the buyer receives their purchase and confirms it’s as described. It adds an extra layer of security and builds trust among users, reducing the risk of scams.
  5. Shipping Simplified: Forget about figuring out shipping costs and methods. Poshmark takes care of that for you. They provide you with a prepaid shipping label, making the whole shipping process a breeze. It’s a major time-saver, and you don’t have to worry about calculating postage for different items.


  1. Free Listing: Poshmark allows you to list items for free, eliminating upfront costs associated with listing products on the platform.
  2. Quick and Easy Listing Process: The mobile-friendly app simplifies the listing process, enabling you to upload pictures, write descriptions, and set prices with ease.
  3. Promotional Features: Poshmark provides various features to promote sales, including bundle discounts, negotiation options, and occasional events like Closet Clear Out, encouraging you to engage with potential buyers.
  4. Straightforward Shipping: You benefit from a straightforward shipping process through USPS Priority mail, with labels provided by Poshmark for items under 5 lbs.
  5. No Returns: Poshmark’s no-return policy after the 3-day acceptance window provides you with the assurance that once a sale is finalized, your proceeds are yours to keep.
  6. Poshmark Ambassador Status: You can achieve Poshmark Ambassador status, signifying reliability and experience on the platform, and potentially attracting more buyers.
  7. Tax Handling by Poshmark: Poshmark collects and handles taxes on sales for you. But I recommend contacting a CPA to get that all handled.


  1. High Commission: Poshmark’s commission fees, particularly the flat rate for items under $15 and the 20% fee for items $15 and above, can significantly impact your profit margins, especially for lower-priced items.
  2. Time-Consuming Social Engagement: To maximize sales, you may need to invest time in social activities on the platform, such as sharing listings, responding to questions, and participating in Poshmark events.
  3. Shipping Costs for Light Items: Shipping costs for items under 1 lb may be higher than necessary, as Poshmark primarily utilizes USPS Priority mail for all shipments.
  4. Competitive Pricing: The competitive nature of Poshmark, with millions of sellers, can lead to pressure on pricing, limiting the flexibility of sellers to set higher prices for their items.
  5. Potential for Buyer Scams: You may encounter buyer scams, including false claims of receiving a different item or receiving an empty box, highlighting the need to be vigilant in online transactions.
  6. Need for Social Engagement: To succeed as a seller, active engagement in Poshmark’s social aspects, such as sharing items and participating in virtual parties, may be necessary, potentially consuming more time than some sellers are willing to invest.
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2. Vinted

Vinted Homescreen


Vinted is also a cool app for buying and selling pre-loved clothes. It’s perfect if you love thrifting and want to save some cash. You can find unique styles, and the filters make it easy.

Creating an account is easy, and it’s available in many countries. Selling is straightforward too, but there are some glitches, and it’s not perfect.

Watch out for fees – there are transaction fees when you sell, and a processing fee when you buy. And be wary of scams, as with any online marketplace.

Overall, Vinted is awesome for saving money and being eco-friendly, just be mindful of a few quirks.

Key Benefits:

  1. Easy Listing Process: Selling on Vinted is straightforward. The platform provides a simple process for you to upload photos, set prices, and describe the condition of items. It’s really user-friendly, especially if you are familiar with platforms like eBay.
  2. Quick Sales: Vinted’s active user base means items often sell swiftly. You can experience fast turnaround times, with buyers showing interest and making purchases shortly after listing items.
  3. Environmentally Conscious Selling: If you prioritize environmental sustainability, Vinted provides an opportunity to participate in the pre-loved fashion movement. It allows you to extend the lifespan of your clothing items and contribute to a more eco-friendly fashion industry.
  4. Low Transaction Fees: Compared to other online marketplaces, Vinted’s transaction fees are generally lower. You can enjoy a larger share of your earnings, making it an attractive platform for you looking to make some extra income from your clothing.
  5. Clear Shipping Process: Vinted’s shipping system is designed to be convenient for you. The platform provides shipping labels, making it easy for you to send items to buyers. Additionally, the tracking feature helps you and buyers stay informed about the shipping status, adding a layer of security to the transaction.


  1. No Selling Fees: Vinted stands out by not charging you any fees for listing items. This allows you to maximize your earnings without worrying about upfront costs.
  2. Diverse Listing Options: You can go beyond clothing, listing items such as homeware, tech accessories, children’s items, and more. This versatility broadens the range of potential sales.
  3. Buyer Protection Fee: Instead of you bearing the fees, buyers pay a protection fee. This fee guarantees refunds for damaged, misrepresented, or lost orders, ensuring a secure transaction process.
  4. Simple Listing Rules: Vinted maintains straightforward rules, emphasizing clear item descriptions and reasonable pricing. The absence of auctions simplifies the selling process.
  5. User-Friendly Interface: Setting up a profile and listing items is quick and easy, contributing to a seamless user experience. You can personalize your profile, attracting buyers with bundle discounts and engaging bios.


  1. Limited Shipping Options: Some shipping options may require a printer. This can be inconvenient for you and impact those who prefer a wider range of shipping methods.
  2. Potential Order Cancellations: You must ship items within five days, otherwise, orders may be canceled. This strict timeline could be challenging, affecting your ability to complete transactions.
  3. Printer Dependency: Certain shipping options, such as Evri, InPost, and UPS, necessitate a printer. Without a printer, you might find this restrictive, limiting your shipping choices.
  4. Communication Challenges: You may face challenges in communication with Vinted’s customer service, impacting your ability to resolve issues efficiently. Numerous sellers constantly complain about their support.
  5. Return Delivery Costs: You also might be responsible for return delivery costs, even if a buyer’s mistake necessitates a return. This policy can be a financial burden, affecting your overall profitability.
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3. Mercari

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Mercari is a unique app to sell on as well.

It’s a peer-to-peer e-commerce platform connecting millions in the U.S. and Japan offers a blend of eBay’s scale and Poshmark’s simplicity.

With 350K daily listings, it’s a big marketplace known for easy listings and a low 10% commission for sales.

While its customer service gets mixed reviews, the platform’s unique “Promote” features, automatic price drops, and the ability for buyers to use virtual cash contribute to its allure.

Beware of dodgy sellers, quality issues, and a return policy that might raise eyebrows. Regardless a great app to get started on your seller’s journey!

Key Benefits:

  1. Low-Selling Fees: Enjoy a flat 10% commission on each sale with Mercari, keeping more of your earnings in your pocket compared to other platforms like eBay and Poshmark.
  2. User-Friendly Listing Process: Take advantage of Mercari’s straightforward and simple listing process. It’s quick and easy for you to upload items, including up to 12 photos, a detailed description, and a competitive price.
  3. “Promote” Feature: Boost your listings for free with Mercari’s unique “Promote” feature. Simply drop the price by 5% or more to increase the visibility of your items and potentially achieve quicker sales.
  4. Automatic Price Reductions: Let Mercari’s “Smart Pricing” feature work for you by automatically lowering your item prices to stay competitive. This ensures regular visibility boosts for your listings.
  5. Variety of Shipping Options: Tailor your shipping strategy to your preferences. You have the flexibility to decide who covers the shipping costs, either you or the buyer. This allows you to attract more buyers with options like free shipping promotions.


  1. Highly Rated Platform: Mercari receives high ratings on both the App Store and Google Play, indicating a positive user experience and a well-designed interface.
  2. You and Buyer Protection: The platform offers protection for both you as a seller and buyer, instilling confidence in transactions and mitigating risks associated with online selling.
  3. Competitive Fees for You: Mercari’s seller fees are competitive when compared to other platforms like Poshmark, providing cost-effectiveness for you as a seller looking to maximize your earnings.
  4. Large User Base: With over 20 million monthly active users, Mercari provides a vast market for you, ensuring a diverse audience for various items.
  5. Ease of Use: Mercari is described as easy for you to use, simplifying the listing process and facilitating a smooth online marketplace experience.


  1. Customer Service Concerns: Some users report sluggish and suboptimal customer service, experiencing delayed responses to queries and challenges in resolving issues.
  2. Return Policy Complexity: The return policy, where you only receive payment after buyers receive items and leave ratings, can be cumbersome. Buyers have a 10-day return window, potentially causing issues for you as a seller.
  3. Limited Market Reach: Mercari primarily operates in the U.S. and Japan, restricting your global market reach compared to platforms like Poshmark.
  4. Potential for Scams: As with any online marketplace, Mercari isn’t entirely immune to scams. Exercise caution, especially with high-value items, and follow best practices to avoid fraudulent transactions.
  5. Fees for Instant Payments: While the standard cash-out process is fee-free, keep in mind there’s a small charge for instant payments. Additionally, there are fees for direct deposits under $10 and rejected transfers that you may incur.
  6. Limitation for Big-Ticket Items: Mercari lacks shipping protection for items valued at more than $200, limiting its suitability for you when dealing with high-value merchandise.
  7. Confusing Shipping Options: The multitude of shipping choices on Mercari, including local meetups and various carriers, can be confusing for you as a new seller, potentially requiring time to determine the most cost-effective and efficient shipping methods.
  8. Opportunities for Return Policy Abuse: The return policy on Mercari may be subject to abuse, with buyers exploiting the system by falsely claiming items are not as described, presenting a challenge for you as a seller.
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4. Vestiaire Collective

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Vestiaire Collective is the ultimate platform for fashionistas, with over 23 million members globally. As a buyer, you get peace of mind with a meticulous inspection process and an option to pay $15 for item authentication. Shipping is on buyers, and you can set up alerts for specific items.

For sellers, there are two types: Individual and Professional.

Sending offers is key, but buyers have 24 hours to seal the deal. Payouts take about 5 business days, and returns depend on the seller type. Whether you’re snagging a Chanel or selling that vintage Dior, Vestiaire Collective is the runway for all things designer brands!

This is a great app if you are looking for a little adrenaline when it comes to selling clothes.

Key Benefits:

  1. Global Reach: Vestiaire Collective’s vast user base provides you with a global audience, increasing the visibility of your items and enhancing the likelihood of sales.
  2. Authentication Services: The platform offers an optional authentication process for buyers willing to pay $15, ensuring the legitimacy of your luxury items. This builds trust and confidence among potential buyers.
  3. User-Friendly Listing Process: You, whether casual or professional, benefit from a straightforward six-step listing form. The process includes adding item details, photos, a description, seller details, condition and price, and additional optional information.
  4. Payment Options and Payouts: Vestiaire Collective supports various payment methods, including credit cards, Apple Pay, PayPal, Klarna, Affirm, and Alipay. Payouts are processed within about five business days, with a quicker 24-hour turnaround if using PayPal.
  5. Display Discounts for Unsuccessful Sales: In case a deal falls through, Vestiaire Collective allows you to display your items at the accepted discounted offer price to all users for a brief period, potentially attracting new buyers and increasing the chances of a successful sale.


  1. Global Exposure: Reach a global audience of fashion enthusiasts, expanding your market beyond local boundaries.
  2. Authentication Assistance: Vestiaire Collective offers an authentication service, providing buyers with confidence in the legitimacy of your items.
  3. Quality Listing Support: Vestiaire Collective provides a concierge service, assisting you with the listing process, including item authentication, professional photoshoots, and item descriptions.
  4. Secure Payment Transactions: Facilitate secure transactions with a payment system that holds funds in escrow until the buyer confirms receipt and satisfaction with the item.
  5. Community Engagement: Connect with a community of buyers and sellers, fostering a sense of community through features like following, liking, commenting, and participating in discussions.


  1. Commission Fee: Vestiaire Collective charges a 25% commission on the sale price, reducing the amount you receive after an item sells.
  2. Authentication Cost: While the authentication service boosts buyer confidence, there’s an additional $15 cost for you if you opt to have your items authenticated.
  3. Shipping Responsibility: You are responsible for shipping the item to Vestiaire Collective’s headquarters for authentication, and the cost may vary based on location.
  4. Return Policy Complexity: Dealing with returns can be complex, and you may encounter challenges, especially if the buyer decides to return the item.
  5. Communication Challenges: Some sellers have reported communication issues with the customer service team, impacting their experience on the platform.
  6. Potential Sale Delays: The 24-hour acceptance window for buyer offers can lead to frustrations for you if the sale falls through, although there’s an opportunity to display the item at a discounted price.
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5. ThredUp

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ThredUp is solely focused on wardrobe, particularly huge on thrifting.

I was skeptical at first, but guess what? You can even sell your clothes and make some extra cash. Who doesn’t love selling clothes for money?

The biggest downside is you are limited to selling women’s clothing. But think outside the box, clean out your mom’s closet, or your wife’s (just like I did!)

So, what’s the verdict? It’s legit if you are selling women’s or kids’ clothing, not so much for men’s.

Key Benefits:

  1. Easy Listing Process: ThredUp provides a straightforward and user-friendly platform for you, making it easy to list items for sale. You can quickly upload information about your clothing, and ThredUp takes care of the rest.
  2. Wide Audience Reach: As one of the largest online secondhand fashion marketplaces, ThredUp connects you with a vast audience of potential buyers. This broad reach increases the chances of your items finding interested customers.
  3. Convenient Shipping Solutions: ThredUp simplifies the shipping process for you by providing pre-paid shipping labels. Once your items are sold, you can send them to ThredUp using these labels, reducing the hassle of organizing shipping on your own.
  4. Professional Photography: ThredUp offers professional photography services for certain items, enhancing the visual appeal of your listings. High-quality photos can attract more buyers and increase the perceived value of your clothing.
  5. Earn Money Hassle-Free: Selling on ThredUp means you can earn money from your unused clothing without dealing with individual buyers. ThredUp manages the transactions, making the process more convenient and less time-consuming for you.


  1. Handles Shipping and Returns: ThredUP takes care of the entire shipping and handling process for your items, reducing the hassle for sellers.
  2. Provides Photography for Items: The platform offers to photograph your items, saving you time and effort in creating appealing product listings.
  3. Free Clean-Out Service: ThredUP offers a free clean-out service with a kit, allowing you to declutter your homes while earning money on clothing you no longer need.
  4. Sells Items for You: ThredUP not only handles the selling process but also takes care of shipping and returns, making it a convenient option for you.


  1. Your Items May Not Get Accepted: There’s a risk that ThredUP may not accept some of your items, leading to potential disappointment if your items don’t meet their criteria.
  2. No Guarantee of Profit Margins: While the commission rates vary based on the selling price, there’s no guaranteed profit margin. You may earn between 3% and 80%, depending on the item’s selling price.
  3. No Men’s Clothing: Should I say more?
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The world of online clothing resale presents a fantastic opportunity to clear out your closet while earning some extra income.

Each platform comes with its unique strengths, catering to diverse preferences.

If you value community engagement and a user-friendly interface, Poshmark might be your go-to. Vinted offers an easy listing process and low transaction fees, perfect for those seeking versatility in items.

Mercari, known for competitive fees and quick sales, provides a straightforward user experience. Vestiaire Collective caters to the luxury market with a global reach and authentication services.

Meanwhile, ThredUp simplifies the selling process, focusing on hassle-free transactions for women’s and kids’ clothing.

Consider your goals and preferences! Whether it’s community interaction, global reach, or a specific item focus, choose the platform that best aligns with your selling journey.

You won’t become a millionaire overnight selling clothing, but it will bring you some extra needed cash.

Happy selling!


Which app is best for selling clothes online?

The choice of the best app for selling clothes online depends on your specific needs and preferences. I recommend Poshmark or Mercari to get started.

What is the best site to sell used clothes online?

I would recommend Poshmark or Mercari. It all depends on your preferences and what type of clothing you are selling.

Who pays more Mercari or Poshmark?

On Mercari you can earn more since they only take a 10% commission while others have a high selling fee.

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