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Is your mobile app leaving money on the table? Potentially untapped revenue you are looking everywhere for? You are probably considering new ways to monetize your app and engage users right?

Look no further! I got the inside scoop on the best platforms to make money on!

Below I share the best app monetization platform and strategies in 2024 that can transform your app into a lucrative business.

Get ready to explore my top recommended mobile app monetization platforms, innovative monetization strategies, and key metrics to measure your app’s success.

Top App Monetization Platforms in 2024

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Google AdMob, Unity Ads, and Meta Audience Network are among the most widely used app monetization platforms. Each of these platforms offers unique features and benefits for publishers, making them the top choices for app developers looking to optimize their ad revenue.

Let’s delve into the unique strengths each platform brings to the table.

#1 – Applovin

applovin dashboard

My top recommendation is always going to be AppLovin.

Since they run their own mediation auction, they constantly provide app publishers with the best return on their investments.

They are a mobile app marketing and monetization platform that uses predictive models and learning algorithms to help developers effectively connect with users and provide them with personalized experiences similar to live chat apps.

They basically help enable app developers to engage users who are likely to spend more time with their apps and offer tools for assessing and enhancing app performance.

They also recently opened up CTV for their partners, so why not give them a try?


  1. User Engagement Optimization: AppLovin uses predictive models and algorithms to identify and engage users who are more likely to spend significant time with your app. This feature helps improve user retention and engagement.
  2. Performance Assessment: The platform provides comprehensive insights into how your ad campaigns are performing, offering real-time reports and analytics. This allows developers to track the effectiveness of their marketing efforts and make data-driven decisions for improvement.
  3. Personalized User Experiences: AppLovin allows you to deliver tailored experiences to your app users, enhancing their satisfaction and increasing the chances of monetization. The platform’s capabilities help you create personalized content and ads that resonate with individual users.

Visit them here:

My Rating: 9.4/10

#2 – Vungle (Now Liftoff)

Vungle dashboard

If you are looking to tap into video advertising, I highly suggest integrating the Vungle SDK.

Vungle is a mobile advertising and monetization platform designed to help app developers and publishers maximize their revenue and user engagement through high-quality video advertising. They provide a range of solutions and tools to enhance the monetization of your mobile apps while delivering engaging ad experiences to users.


  1. Video Advertising Expertise: Vungle specializes in video advertising, offering a variety of video ad formats, including rewarded video ads, interstitials, and in-feed videos. These ads are designed to seamlessly integrate into mobile apps, providing a non-intrusive and engaging experience for users.
  2. Rewarded Advertising: Vungle’s rewarded video ads allow developers to offer in-app rewards, such as virtual currency, power-ups, or additional content, to users who choose to watch the ad. This creates a positive interaction with ads, leading to higher user engagement and retention.
  3. Monetization Solutions: Vungle offers tools and strategies for app developers to effectively monetize their apps through advertising. By integrating Vungle’s SDK (Software Development Kit), developers can access a global network of advertisers and maximize their ad revenue.

Visit them here:

My Rating: 9/10

#3 – Google AdMob

Google Admob

Google AdMob is a popular choice for app monetization, offering targeted ads based on user interests and a wide range of ad formats to maximize revenue.

AdMob utilizes a system that prioritizes the most profitable ad for the users based on the advertisers’ interests. AdMob offers numerous benefits beyond in-app advertising, such as access to a programmatic ad exchange (Doubleclick) and hybrid monetization, aiding in optimizing your app’s advertising efficiency and generating higher revenue.


  1. Effortless Monetization: AdMob makes it super easy to earn money with your app. Just integrate it, and you’ll start making cash by displaying ads.
  2. Huge Advertiser Network: Think of AdMob as the bridge to connect your app with millions of advertisers. They’re eager to showcase their ads to your app users.
  3. Smart Ad Placement: AdMob is like a smart decorator for your app. It knows where to put ads so they won’t disrupt the user experience, ensuring a seamless flow.
  4. Real-Time Earnings: You get real-time updates on how much money your app is making. It’s like having a constantly updating piggy bank.
  5. Customized Ad Selection: You’re in control! Choose the types of ads that suit your app best, whether it’s videos, banners, or interactive ads. AdMob lets you call the shots.

Visit them here:

My Rating: 8.7/10

#4 – inMobi

inmobi homescreen

InMobi is a prominent player in mobile advertising, connecting app developers with advertisers in a seamless manner. They enable developers to monetize their apps by displaying relevant ads that enhance the user experience.

Advertisers benefit from precise targeting, ensuring their messages reach the right audience. InMobi prioritizes user privacy, making it a responsible and effective choice for mobile advertising


  1. Smart Ad Matching: InMobi is like a matchmaker for ads. It figures out what you’re interested in and shows you ads that actually make sense. So, if you’re into cooking, you’ll see ads for cool kitchen gadgets when you’re browsing cooking apps.
  2. Ads That Fit In: You know those annoying ads that pop up out of nowhere? Well, InMobi makes sure the ads blend in smoothly with the app you’re using. They don’t disrupt your experience, making it way less annoying.
  3. Advertisers Know Their Stuff: Advertisers love InMobi because it helps them find the right people to show their ads to. So, you’re more likely to see stuff that’s actually interesting to you.
  4. Privacy First: InMobi is like your trusty guardian when it comes to privacy. They take data protection seriously, so your personal info stays safe and sound.
  5. CTV Extention: New area for your app to reach hyper-growth with CTV Marketing on the big screen.

Visit them here:

My Rating: 8.6/10

#5 – Digital Turbine

Digital Turbine homescreen

As an app developer, do you want your app to reach as many users as possible?

Digital Turbine is your go-to partner for that.

They help phone manufacturers pre-install apps on devices, so your app can be right there when users get a new phone. It’s like a head start for your app, making it easier for people to discover and use what you’ve created. It’s all about getting your awesome app into the hands of more users!


  1. Pre-Installed App Magic: You know how users often ignore apps they have to download? Well, Digital Turbine ensures that your app comes pre-installed on new devices. It’s like giving your app a VIP entrance to every phone.
  2. Boosted Discoverability: Your app gets the spotlight it deserves. With Digital Turbine, users don’t have to search for your app; it’s right there on their home screen. This means more eyeballs on your creation.
  3. Streamlined User Experience: Digital Turbine optimizes the onboarding process for users. They get to enjoy a smoother experience, and that means higher chances of them actually trying out your app.
  4. Global Reach: It’s not just about one country. Digital Turbine has a global presence, helping your app go worldwide and reach diverse audiences.
  5. Data-Driven Insights: You get valuable data on how users engage with your app, helping you fine-tune your development and marketing strategies. It’s like having a built-in analytics expert.

Visit them here:

My Rating: 8.3/10

#6 – Meta Audience Network

meta audience network

Meta Audience Network is a versatile app monetization platform for iOS and Android, offering easy advertising setup and access to a vast network of developers and publishers.

With a do-it-yourself monetization strategy, Meta Audience Network enables app developers to manage their ad inventory and generate revenue with minimal effort.

Meta Audience Network offers automated suggestions for enhancing advertising efficiency, access to a programmatic ad exchange, and hybrid monetization, all of which contribute to optimizing your app’s advertising potential and maximizing your revenue.


  1. Monetize Across Platforms: Meta helps you monetize your iOS and Android apps, making it a one-stop shop for maximizing your app’s revenue potential across different platforms.
  2. Easy Setup: Setting up ads with Meta is a breeze. You just need an app on the Google Play Store or App Store and a Facebook account, and you’re good to go. It’s like a hassle-free on-ramp to app monetization.
  3. Global Audience: With Meta Audience Network, your app can tap into a vast global audience. This means you’re not limited to a single region – your app can reach users around the world.
  4. Affordable Advertising: Ads shown through Meta Audience Network are often more cost-effective than those on Instagram and Facebook. This means you can get more bang for your buck when it comes to advertising your app.
  5. User Engagement: By offering ads on a separate network, Meta ensures that your app’s user experience remains top-notch. It’s like having ads that don’t get in the way but still help you earn.

Visit them here:

My Rating: 8/10

#7 – TapJoy (Acquired by Ironsouce)

tapjoy homepage

You know how as app developers, we want to reward users for engaging with our apps?

Tapjoy is like a cool middleman for that.

It helps us create reward-based advertising, where users can earn in-app goodies or virtual currency by watching ads or taking specific actions. It’s a win-win because users get something extra, and we get to monetize our apps effectively. Think of it as a way to keep users happy and engaged while boosting our app’s revenue.


  1. Reward-Based Advertising: Tapjoy specializes in rewarding users for engaging with ads. This means users can earn in-app rewards, like virtual currency or power-ups, by interacting with advertisements. It’s a great way to keep users happy and engaged.
  2. Monetization Magic: As app developers, we want to make money, right? Tapjoy helps us do just that by offering a seamless way to monetize our apps through user-friendly rewarded ads.
  3. User-Centric Approach: Tapjoy puts the user experience front and center. It ensures that ads don’t interrupt gameplay or app usage, making for a smoother and more enjoyable experience.
  4. Diverse Ad Formats: With Tapjoy, we have access to a variety of ad formats, from videos to interactive ads. This versatility allows us to choose the format that best suits our app and audience.
  5. Data-Driven Insights: Tapjoy provides valuable data and analytics, helping us understand how users interact with ads and our app. This data-driven approach empowers us to make informed decisions for app optimization.

Visit them here:

My Rating: 7.7/10

#8 – Unity Ads

unity ads monetization

Unity Ads is a leading platform for monetizing mobile games, providing real-time analytics and a variety of ad formats to enhance user engagement and revenue generation. As one of the best mobile app monetization platforms, Unity Ads can assist in monetizing mobile games and provide immediate insights into ad performance.

Unity Ads provides automated suggestions for optimizing advertising efficiency, access to a programmatic ad exchange, and hybrid monetization, giving you the tools to fully exploit your game’s revenue potential.


  1. Monetize Mobile Games: Unity Ads is a game-changer for app developers in the gaming industry. It’s designed to help us monetize our mobile games effectively.
  2. Real-Time Analytics: With Unity Ads, we get access to real-time analytics. This means we can instantly see how our ad campaigns are performing and make quick adjustments for better results.
  3. Plugin Integration: It plays nicely with several plugins from renowned mediation firms. This flexibility allows us to manage our target audience by factors like demography, geography, and operating system.
  4. User-Friendly Dashboards: The user-friendly dashboards provided by Unity Ads make it a breeze to navigate and get instant reports on ad serving. No need to be a data expert!
  5. Optimized User Acquisition: Unity Ads helps us attract users who engage with our games for an extended period. It’s like having a built-in strategy to keep players hooked.

Visit them here:

My Rating: 7.5/10


Choosing the right app monetization platform is not an easy task for maximizing revenue and user engagement.

By exploring the top app monetization platforms, such as Google AdMob, Unity Ads, and Meta Audience Network, while implementing innovative app monetization strategies like in-app purchases, freemium models, and subscription services, you can unlock your app’s full revenue potential.

Remember to measure your app monetization success by monitoring key metrics like ad impressions, click-through rates, and user engagement, and use these insights to make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement.

Remember, the future of your app’s success lies in your hands. Take action now and start optimizing your app monetization strategies to unlock your app’s full revenue potential!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which monetization platform is best?

The best video monetization platform is difficult to determine as it depends on your specific needs—however, Brid.TV, Brightcove, Dacast, JW Player, Vimeo, and Connatix are all popular choices worth considering. Additionally, Facebook Audience Network, Google AdMob, Unity ads, Google Ad Manager, MAX by AppLovin, InMobi, AdGate Media, and Storyly are all great app monetization platforms.

What is the highest-paying ad network for apps?

Google AdSense is the highest-paying ad network for apps, with Google AdX and premium native advertising also offering high revenue potential., AdThrive, Ezoic, Sovrn, Snigel, and native advertising also provide great opportunities for publishers to monetize their apps.

What is an app monetization platform?

An app monetization platform is a programmatic advertising platform used by software developers and mobile publishers to easily generate revenue from high-quality mobile ads. These platforms facilitate the buying and selling of ads across Android, iOS, and other devices, while also supporting developers in marketing, monetizing, and analyzing their apps. Ad monetization platforms provide a range of features to help developers maximize their app revenue. These features include ad optimization, targeting, and analytics, as well as support for multiple ad networks and ad formats. Additionally, many platforms offer tools

How to monetize apps Android?

Mobile app monetization strategies such as in-app advertising, native ads, freemium subscriptions, premium subscriptions, in-app purchases, and affiliate marketing can help boost app revenue. Utilizing these strategies can help create repeat customers and provide flexible options to drive conversions.

What factors should I consider when choosing an app monetization platform?

When choosing an app monetization platform, consider ad formats, user acquisition strategies, and integration capabilities to ensure the best fit for your needs.

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