My Journey: A Tale of Adventures and Self Discovery.

Hey I’m Luke!

luke leben hiking in hawaii

Welcome to my blog! I started on a path to provide content that can help others achieve their business and personal goals, just as I did in the past. I’m excited to share my story and offer valuable insights into the world of advertising, entrepreneurship, and much much more. So, grab a snack, sit back, and let’s learn a little bit about me.

Here’s how it started:

Born in Bialystok Poland, my life took a major turn when my father won a visa for our family to move to America. My father once told me, “I remember the day I had to hunt around town for ration cards to have food for my wedding, no longer will we wait for food to be on our table”. Communism was still alive and well in the 90s. My family wanted a fresh start, somewhere where dreams and goals could come true, and that place was America. My family packed up our lives and embarked on a new adventure to Chicago.

lukasz as a kid

Growing up in the United States.

I developed a strong sense of ambition and a thirst for new experiences from my father. He was a massive role model for me growing up, seeing that he came from extreme poverty. That really drove me to achieve a new level of success, and to give back more than my family ever gave to us.

Jumping ahead:

This fire in my belly really started back after my first major breakup at the young age of 21.. yup that’s right a heartbroken soul found meaning and purpose in his life! I dove deep into audiobooks on meditation, personal development, business and so on. I was like a mini Joe Rogan, full of energy and ambition discovering all new ideas!

My first business venture.. minus the lemonade stand!

While attending community college, I had a part-time gig at a dental packaging facility. I was on the assembly line building ultrasonic cleaners and other gadgets for doctors and dentists. The company used to get returns and throw them in the trash. Me being me, I would head to the dumpster after work and pick up these units to fix up at home. I was making more money selling these units on eBay than the gig was paying! I eventually ended up reaching out to all the major manufacturers, creating an e-commerce website, and selling units on my own!

My first $200k in revenue!

Although the profit margin was 5%, I still made some money! This was my first ever business venture that taught me everything from running Google PPC ads to marketing, sales, customer service and everything else under the sun. But I ended up putting this venture on hold and diving into something a little more interesting.

luke with his friends

Moving to Austin, TX:

In pursuit of something new and different, I made the bold decision to move to Austin Texas, about five years ago. Nothing lined up, just my business that made barely any money. Little did I know that this move would shape my future in unexpected ways. I stumbled into the tech industry, securing a job managing publishers at a start-up ad agency. This inadvertently dove me into the world of mobile advertising. It was a fascinating journey, especially since the first day I thought I was trading stocks! CPM, RPI, ROAS? What did all these mean?

Entrepreneurial Spirit:

As I delved deeper into the advertising realm, I transitioned to a programmatic advertising company, working closely with multiple SSP relationships. This niche in ad tech was absolutely massive! The experience unveiled the vastness of the industry and the power of advertising. Fueled by this, it ignited me to start my blog to share my insights, experiences, and strategies with others seeking success not only in advertising but in business too!

A Quest Beyond the Ordinary:

Throughout my journey, I’ve often felt like an odd duck, never quite fitting into the mold of a regular 9-to-5 job. I’ve always nurtured ambitions and dreams that extended beyond most people. It is this pursuit of the extraordinary that continues to drive me forward.

A Moment of Appreciation.

Although my biggest ambitions don’t only come from business, advertising, and entrepreneurship it comes from spending time with the ones I love the most. Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and read about my journey. Your support means a lot to me and helps grow me further into becoming the best version of myself. I hope you enjoy reading about the topics I share!